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Veronika Rajek in braless crop top is ‘Queen of Sugar’

Veronika Rajek is braless in a crop top
Veronika Rajek is braless in a crop top with a major sweet tooth. Pic credit: @veronikarajek/Instagram

Veronika Rajek has a major sweet tooth, but luckily for the Slovakian native, she has all the treats she needs.

The beauty queen, known for her gorgeous looks, natural curves, and an abundance of confidence, took to her Instagram Story for a different kind of share.

Followers looking for bikini action didn’t need to look far because shortly after, she shared a beach shot with a friend.

But for the latest post, Veronika appeared with a table full of goodies in front of her.

The European beauty rocked her long blonde hair in a straight style with a center part.

Veronika raised her arms to reveal a white high-waisted skirt, showing her toned obliques.

Veronika Rajek poses with a table of candy

The skirt featured a bejeweled belt buckle in a circular shape. She paired the ensemble with a sleeveless, olive green crop top that featured a henley style.

Veronika appeared lightly accessorized with a leather watch, bracelet, and a simple necklace. She also rocked dangly silver earrings.

One of the goodies in front of Veronika was a chocolate beverage mix called Granko. The drink was native to the Czech Republic and likely brought the model a taste of home.

veronika rajek braless
Pic credit: @veronikarajek/Instagram

She wrote in white text over the photo, “Queen of Sugar,” with a smiling emoji and a tear.

Although fans may not be able to relate to her level of beauty, they can surely appreciate her excitement around food.

Veronika Rajek proves she is naturally busty

The 2016 Miss Slovakia finalist went to great lengths to prove that her natural curves really were natural.

The model flew to Dubai and paid money to a doctor to offer evidence of Veronika’s natural curves.

In a move reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s butt x-ray, Veronika did an examination with a licensed physician.

Veronika lamented, “People question the naturality of my breasts so I went to a doctor to get breast examination and proof that they’re real, with no enhancements, objects or scars.”

Veronika told Jam Press, via The Sun UK, “I was forced to do this check-up to get people to believe me.”

Even Veronika’s doctor reportedly thought she had plastic surgery at first glance. She said, “My doctor was really surprised as she thought I’d had surgery too and said I had the most beautiful natural breasts.

Veronika explained, “I worked out so much at teenage years that I developed muscles which make my breasts a nice shape.” She added, “I’m not trying to be sexual, I just have big boobs.”

Veronika concluded, “God gave me these gifts and I want people to believe me.”

And even if fans and followers don’t believe Veronika, it appears she believes in herself.

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