Veronika Rajek chooses the red pill with stunning results

Veronika Rajek selfie

Few people have the same level of confidence as Slovakian stunner Veronika Rajek, and she has proudly shown this quality, strutting her way to the bank.

Additionally, the European model has shown a love for the press, declaring her love for Tom Brady or suggesting she was “too beautiful,” with both statements securing headlines for Veronika.

For her recent share, however, she took a thought-provoking approach.

Veronika’s 4.2 million Instagram followers were the first to see her latest post, which had fashion and a thought-provoking assertion in the caption.

The clip, shared on Veronika’s IG, received a lot of love, with 111,000 likes and countless comments.

The purpose of the post was to promote Fashion Nova, and Veronika certainly accomplished her goal.

Veronika Rajek strikes a pose in Fashion Nova with a message

The video started with Veronika descending a set of Mediterranean-style stairs with a black crop top featuring long sleeves and a matching skirt.

Fans who wish to purchase this beautiful two-piece are in luck because the ensemble is available from fast-fashion giant Fashion Nova.

Veronika rocked the Fashion Nova What’s Not To Love Crop Top in Black, currently on sale for $23.99 from the original price of $39.99.

Unfortunately, it seems that the black skirt has sold out. But Fashion Nova’s business model allows lots of viable alternatives.

Such alternatives include the Fashion Nova Stay Fly Slinky Skirt Set in Black, retailing for $14.99, and the Fashion Nova Play Time Mesh Maxi Skirt in Black for the same price.

Next, Veronika snapped her fingers as the beat dropped, transforming into the red version of the ensemble. Veronika revealed in a subsequent caption that the red look was her favorite.

The beauty queen was a vision in the Fashion Nova What’s Not To Love Skirt Set in Red with a sweetheart neck and high-waisted skirt. The combo retails for $35.99, on sale from the original price of $59.99.

Veronika’s caption read, “At the end of party the red always prevails and the red pill is the best to choose. @Fashionnova.”

As fans could likely tell from the clip, Veronika has watched her figure.

Veronika Rajek talks about workout and diet secrets

In January, Veronika appeared as a guest on the Pillow Talk podcast.

Veronika spoke with hosts Ryan Pownall and Carly Lawrence, detailing her fitness secrets.

Veronika casually revealed that she worked out for 90 minutes per session. While some people adopt moderate attitudes, it seems that Veronika goes hard in the gym.

She does calisthenics while in the gym, like squats and crunches. Additionally, Veronika enjoys some good old-fashioned cardio.

When it comes to her diet, Veronika has a picky palate. She only consumes five or six dishes, including spaghetti and Slovakian snacks.

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Elaine House
Elaine House
10 days ago

Another fake model