Veronika Rajek celebrates her birthday in style

Veronika Rajek is one year older in a red bikini. Pic credit: @veronikarajek/Instagram

Veronika Rajek is another year older but no less beautiful as the viral model celebrates another year around the sun.

The social media sensation took to her Instagram Stories to repost some of the love she received on her special day.

The model has 4 million followers, who have grown accustomed to Veronika’s beautiful shares.

But Veronika’s latest post was different because it marked her first as a 28-year-old.

For those out of the loop, Veronika was a beauty pageant contestant who caused quite a stir when she claimed she was “too beautiful.” More recently, Veronika became known as a Tom Brady superfan after attending a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. Veronika was captivated by the football star, posting tributes to the athlete and singing his praises.

However, with Veronika’s recent post, it was all birthdays and bikinis.

Veronika Rajek celebrates her birthday with love for Be Ocean bikinis

Veronika posted a colleague’s birthday wish, thanking him and adding a red heart emoji.

The picture showed Veronika with wet hair, fresh from the ocean. She smiled and gazed at the camera with her legs folded as she sat on a wooden bench with fluffy cushions.

veronika rajek bikini
Veronika Rajek is celebrating her birthday in style with a red bikini and a social media post. Pic credit: @veronikarajek/Instagram

Veronika wore a bikini from the Mexican brand, Be Ocean. The brand labeled Veronika’s bikini as a micro-bikini, adding a new level of intensity. She sported the Be Ocean red bikini top in Luli Rojo and the matching bottoms in Vania Rojo. Although the website primarily serves clients from Mexico, the bikini has a retail price of $54.

Be Ocean bikinis was created in 2017 using fair trade practices and local materials. The bikini line has rapidly expanded to include 8 locations across Mexico, with more on the horizon. And with a high-profile model like Veronika as their ambassador, the company is sure to thrive.

Veronika Rajek’s diet and exercise secrets

A quick look at Veronika makes it clear the model isn’t eating ice cream in bed or chowing down on greasy food.

Veronika recently appeared on the Pillow Talk podcast, where she shared details about her diet and exercise choices. 

As for exercising, Veronika’s sweat sessions last 90 minutes, with the model running, doing squats, and working her abs.

When it comes to dieting, Veronika is not a foodie. 

The model told the podcast via The Sun, “I cannot share my secret – I don’t have a diet. I only eat like five or six foods all year long.”

While Veronika’s diet doesn’t sound very diverse, she did explain her favorite foods, including greek salad, tomato soup, and food from her native Slovakia.

Happy birthday, Veronika!

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