Vanessa Hudgens unrecognizable in new selfie, gives Lady Gaga vibes

Close-up of Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens arrives at the Cali Cares’ charity fundraiser in July 2022. Pic credit: ©

Vanessa Hudgens looked unrecognizable this week when she posted a photo revealing a new blonde look.

The High School Musical star wore a black PVC trench coat with a gold choker featuring six layers and three antique-looking coin pendants.

But the most striking thing about her look was the absence of her signature black hair, instead appearing with a peroxide blonde weave and bleached eyebrows.

The actress wore subtle flicked eyeliner and perfectly lined red lips.

It’s unclear if her look was for a new movie, but many fans were quick to make comparisons to another blonde bombshell, Lady Gaga.

Vanessa captioned the photo, “Who even is she.”

Comments on the post were limited. However, her followers replied, “She’s giving Lady Gaga for sure!” and “Lady Gaga in hotel AHS,” about the similarities to Lady Gaga’s Countess character in American Horror Story: Hotel.

comments about Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens does Cali Water meet and greet

Vanessa is somewhat of an entrepreneur when she isn’t filming, co-founding companies, including Know Beauty, Thomas Ashbourne Spirits, and Cali Water.

Cali Water is a carbonated drink made from cactus water. It currently comes in three flavors: prickly pear, watermelon, and lime and ginger. It claims to be packed with vitamins and electrolytes, contains skin-glowing antioxidants, and even aids hangovers.

While Vanessa is the brand’s co-founder, she remains mostly out of the spotlight, occasionally posting about the products or attending meet-and-greet events for publicity.

At the end of last month, she hosted an event visiting three LA stores in one day to meet her fans and promote the drinks. She shared details of the event on social media and looked amazing, wearing a bright blue and green minidress while she posed with a can.

Vanessa Hudgens grabs some Thomas Ashbourne cocktails

Vanessa seems more hands-on with her other alcohol company, Thomas Ashbourne Spirits, and appears regularly in their social media posts. She co-founded the company with the actress and singer Ashley Benson.

The brand recently launched “The Perfect Cosmo” with Sarah Jessica Parker, which they’re promoting heavily. Last month, they encouraged followers to show off their “shelfie” and share a photo picking up some cans from their local store.

Vanessa and Ashley got involved in the campaign with Thomas Ashbourne even posting a photo of Vanessa posing with a box of margarita drinks.

She looked dressed for the season in a pumpkin-colored knit dress paired with a leather blazer as she clutched the box, showing off long black pointed nails.

The post gained over 1300 likes, making it one of the most popular photos on the account.

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