Vanessa Hudgens turns heads in Paris in this silky dress

Vanessa Hudgens poses for a picture with stunning makeup.
Vanessa Hudgens shows off her updo hairstyle. Pic credit: @vanessahudgens/Instagram

It’s been a long time since Vanessa Hudgens starred in High School Musical movies, and she seems to be elevated beyond her Disney Channel days.

Traveling the globe is a big deal to anyone excited about seeing the world and all it offers. There are so many exciting places to explore.

Travel happens to be one thing that Vanessa takes time to do –– and she does it often. One of her recent trips was to Paris.

Paris is one of the best places to go if you want to shop for fashionable items or show off your knowledge of ever-changing trends to like-minded individuals.

Vanessa fit right in with the people of Paris based on some of the stunning photos she shared with her 47.6 million Instagram followers.

Not long before that, she posted another series of photos to advertise the drink brand she co-founded called Cali Water.

Vanessa Hudgens stands out in Paris

Vanessa posted a photo thread highlighting her time in Paris, starting with a gorgeous picture in a lime green dress made of shiny material. The green dress had a low-cut V-neck and stopped short on her thighs to show a few inches of skin.

She wore a brown trenchcoat with shoulder pads, long sleeves, and deep pockets. She also added a pair of over-the-knee-high boots with heels in a dark shade of shiny black.

Vanessa was accessorized with a black purse with a silver chain strap attached to the top. She also wore a pair of sleek sunglasses with dangling gold earrings. Vanessa posed in front of a widescreen TV, piano, and piece of art hanging on the wall. She looked like she was totally in her element in terms of high fashion.

Vanessa Hudgens is all about Cali Water

Vanessa posted a giveaway for the brand she co-founded called Cali Water. She wore a black leather jacket in the shot with long sleeves, a thick collar, and pockets over both sides of her chest.

She accessorized with a tan-colored hat with the Cali Water brand name and logo plastered to the front in dark letters. She accessorized with a necklace and a pair of earrings that added just the right amount of sparkle.

Her makeup for the promotional image looked stunning as she went with dots of green eyeshadow on her inner eyelids to match the Cali Water logo. She also opted for an eyebrow tint, mascara, and pink lipgloss.

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