Vanessa Hudgens soaks up the sun with gorgeous view

 Vanessa Hudgens soaks up the sun.
Vanessa Hudgens is soaking up the sun in beautiful Maui and sharing photos from her stay in Hawaii. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Vanessa Hudgens enjoyed a day of luxury, but that didn’t stop her from sharing a post while doing so.

The High School Musical alum took to her social media to post pictures featuring the beautiful view.

Vanessa treated her 47.5 million Instagram followers to a bikini photo and an incredible sunset shot.

As she revealed in the post’s caption, the actress was in heaven in beautiful Hawaii.

Luckily for fans, Vanessa opted to share a slice of heaven, allowing followers to live vicariously through the actress.

Vanessa added a geotag for the swanky Four Seasons Maui at Wailea.

Vanessa Hudgens in purple bikini enjoys Hawaii

Vanessa’s first picture showed her in a light purple bikini. Vanessa took a selfie in a purple bandeau-style bikini. The bikini top had a matching purple string on the front that the actress tied for extra support.

Her dark hair was wet and parted in the center, and it appeared she had just gone for a swim. She wore a white shark tooth necklace and silver earrings. The Fabletics partner wore oversized sunglasses with white and black spotted frames. The sun shined on Vanessa’s bronzed skin and cast a shadow on the white sand behind her.

To Vanessa’s rear, there were blue skies with fluffy white clouds. The waves crashed into the beach with fellow tourists surfing at the beachfront.

While Vanessa’s bikini share was mesmerizing, a swipe right showed an equally captivating view.

Vanessa took a picture from her hotel room, showing the skyline and landscape below. The shot featured the famous Hawaiian sunset, which was spectacular in shades of orange and pink.

The sun illuminated the palm trees that lined the streets below and gave the clouds a stunning glow.

Vanessa’s slender figure may cause some to wonder about her dietary secrets. The actress has been open about her food choices, including her eating philosophy.

Vanessa Hudgens’ diet philosophy

When it comes to dietary choices, Vanessa subscribes to a simple theory. She discussed her mantra in an interview with Shape magazine last year.

Vanessa explained, “My overall food philosophy is, if it’s real, I’ll eat it. Many things are processed and contain chemicals and ingredients I can’t pronounce. I want real food. If I’m in Italy, and I see them making pasta by hand, or if it grows from the earth, that’s real.”

Vanessa continued, “I stay away from the processed stuff. I also don’t eat meat. I’m a pescatarian.”

Luckily for Vanessa, she was surrounded by fresh seafood during her stay in Hawaii.

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