Vanessa Hudgens soaks up the sun on beach for Buddha love

Vanessa Hudgens face
Vanessa Hudgens showed her spiritual side on the beach. Pic credit: ©

Vanessa Hudgens was a vision as she joined her hands for a prayer on the beach.

The High School Musical actress shared a positive message with her 48.3 million Instagram followers in her post’s caption.

The post featured a single picture, which was more than enough for Vanessa to convey her message.

Vanessa has always had a bohemian type of energy, from her clothing to her work.

Therefore the latest reveal wasn’t out of the ordinary for her.

However, the post was still exquisitely beautiful and included a quote attributed to Buddha.

Vanessa Hudgens stuns for Buddha beach moment

In the picture, Vanessa was sitting in a glittery swimsuit on a white sand beach, with her palms in a praying position and the sun shining down upon her. The sun’s rays created a magical visual, causing Vanessa to look more angelic than ever.

She had a mermaid vibe, with her long dark tresses cascading down her back and touching the sand.

Vanessa sported the trendy French manicure tips, with gold rings on each finger.

In the distance, the beach had natural rock formations. Further back, blue skies and white clouds served as a stunning backdrop.

Vanessa’s caption had some powerful words attributed to Buddha.

She wrote,” ‘If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand.’ -Buddha.”

The gorgeous picture spoke to the importance of taking the time to appreciate the beauty of nature and practicing mindfulness. As the Buddha quote implied, the knowledge and love that many seek can be found by simply being in the moment.

For Vanessa, that meant having a moment of prayer while listening to the sounds of nature.

Vanessa Hudgens launches Caliwater

Vanessa launched Caliwater in the Spring of 2021 with co-founder Oliver Trevena. Because Caliwater is made from cactus water, it provides a more sustainable product.

The first two Caliwater flavors included Ginger & Lime and Wild Prickly Pear. Since its launch in 2021, the company has exploded in popularity.

The beverage touts organic, vegan, low-calorie, low-sugar, and non-GMO properties.

Over the summer, Vanessa revealed a new flavor: Watermelon.

Vanessa spoke with Food & Beverage Magazine, expressing excitement about her latest Caliwater drop.

Vanessa shared, “We are beyond excited to finally launch Watermelon! We are all about flavor & mindful  ingredients at Caliwater, and there is nothing more refreshing than the taste of fresh-cut watermelon!”

Fans can purchase Caliwater on the company’s site or on Amazon.

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