Vanessa Hudgens shows off her physique for activewear collaboration

Vanessa Hudgens looking at the camera
Vanessa Hudgens stuns with bold eyeliner. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

The famous High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens is now entering the fashion industry but in a different and less conventional way.

Hudgens recently teamed up with Fabletics, a global active lifestyle brand that makes and sells men’s and women’s sportswear, accessories, and footwear. Kate Hudson is actually one of its co-founders.

This collaboration is the actress’s second with the brand and was launched this October 1.

Hudgens posed wearing a modern grey sports bra with a matching pair of leggings that adjusted to her body perfectly. She posed with her back to the camera, making sure to show off how her phone fits perfectly into a specially designed pocket on the leggings.

Her dark hair was styled in a slick ponytail and the ends were braided. She had a sharp and long eyeliner on, as well as a highlighter.

The official Instagram account of Fabletics on Instagram posted a lot of different pictures of the singer in different outfits.

Vanessa Hudgens poses wearing a fuzzy violet dress

In another shot, Hudgens added a little more edge to the normal activewear in stores. She posed against the wall in a black bra with neon green and purple flames that she paired with a black leather mini skirt as well as a leather jacket and some sheer gloves.

Her eye makeup matched the green and purple of her bra, and her hair was slicked back in a wet-looking style.

She also stunned by wearing a fuzzy violet dress with thick straps and some big silver earrings.

Vanessa Hudgens talks about her collaboration with Fabletics

In a recent interview with InStyle Magazine, Hudgens spoke about this collaboration, “I love the transition from summer to fall because it means spooky season is upon us. […] It feels very ’90s-inspired. […] It’s a full collection of lifestyle, of things to wear going out, things to be active in, all within this palette that just falls into the spooky season so perfectly.”

She made sure the leather was vegan and sustainable. It also had to be very fashionable for the gym because who said workout clothes needed to be boring?

Among the pieces that are out now and ready to show are some sports bras, bralettes, high wasted leggings, shorts, a vegan high-wasted mini skirt, a fuzzy green cardigan, and a 90s mini dress.

You can get Vanessa Hudgen’s second collaboration with Fabletics now, only on the brand’s official website.

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