Vanessa Hudgens’ nude angel tattoo shows off the ‘divine feminine’: What does that mean?

vanessa hudgens nude angel tattoo
Actress Vanessa Hudgens showed off her new nude angel tattoo on Thursday. Pic credit: @vanessahudgens/Instagram

A new Vanessa Hudgens nude angel tattoo made its official debut on the actress’ Instagram page as of Thursday, bringing plenty of comments and Likes her way.

The newest ink artwork is a representation of the Divine Feminine, which has meanings as a spiritual concept related to energy residing in both men and women.

Vanessa Hudgens reveals nude angel tattoo online

It’s clear the newest ink brought extra excitement for the star of the recent blockbuster Bad Boys For Life. She uploaded several different posts to her Instagram including a video where she rushes over to a mirror to show off the nude angel tattoo.

Hudgens admitted to her followers that her priceless expressions of joy were due to the fact she had yet to see the finished tattoo until the video.

“Lol this was the first time I saw it. I never peeked. Hilarious. I love @drag_ink so damn much. What. A. Legend. ????????❤️,” Hudgens said, tagging the artist who designed her new tat.

The High School Musical star also posted a series of still image photos showing her new angel design for her 38 million followers. While the first shot shows the tattoo from a distance on her right side, the second show clearly depicts the nude angel.

“Divine feminine angel ?❤️ not me…. my tat. But you can call me that, if you want to ?,” she said in the IG post’s caption.

What is the concept of the Divine Feminine?

Vanessa Hudgens has yet to give an in-depth explanation of her tattoo’s meaning, but the concepts of what Divine Feminine means can be quite powerful and empowering.

It can have many different names including “yin, lunar, shakti, and passive,” according to Zenned Out. It involves “the energy of flow, of being, of intuition, of the moon,” and is often neglected. It is a spiritual balance and reconnection to one’s self, which could relate to a new start for Hudgens following her split from Austin Butler in January after nine years together.

As described by the Anna Thea website, the concept of Divine Feminine involves a special type of sacred and sensual energy that generally resides within the female body. The site says the Divine Feminine is “the positive expression of the feminine side” that exists within men as well.

It’s said to have not been fully expressed and even repressed by many, which prevents its positive healing ability. The energy force is said to have been hindered due to the way femininity was defined and driven “by a more masculine oriented society.”

Divine Feminine is considered to be inspiring, empowering, honored, respected, and connected to Mother Earth.

It’s a deep yet powerful concept in which the body is viewed as “a sacred temple of the divine” which holds the healing energy force within. The Divine Feminine is experienced and expressed by holding relationships with one’s self and others as sacred.

There’s plenty more to the concept including guides, books, and videos dedicated to nurturing or releasing the Divine Feminine.

While many fans may simply be admiring some gifted tattoo artistry, Hudgens’ new angel image certainly seems to bring positive and inspiring meaning along with it, rather than the standard flower or butterfly ink that many might get.

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