Vanessa Hudgens lounges in her underwear for magazine spread

Vanessa Hudgens looking at the camera
Vanessa Hudgens looks beautiful with natural makeup look. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Vanessa Hudgens dressed to impress for a magazine photoshoot.

The actress looked absolutely stunning wearing a pink silk bra making her look sexy and empowered.

She put on a matching pair of tiny Miu Miu shorts showing off her incredible abs and belly piercing with some beige high-thigh socks.

Hudgens lounged on a green leather couch, pretending to be calling someone on a very interesting white phone and giving off some sophisticated and old money vibes.

Her dark hair was wrapped up in a pink towel, as she had just come out of the shower and was getting ready to go out.

Her makeup included a very bold dark smokey eye look, with a lot of blush packed on her cheeks and a light pink lip.

Vanessa Hudgens wows in silk Miu Miu matching silk set

She looked even more elegant by wearing a pearl necklace and some delicate sheer white gloves.

The former Disney Channel star reposted a story made by Vijat M, who is the talented photographer behind these amazing pictures, of a very cute edit made by Portis Wasp. He took the picture of Hudgens for Nylon magazine and included Disney’s fictional characters, the Lady and the Tramp.

vanessa hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens looks showstopping for Nylon. Pic credit: @vanessahudgens/Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens thinks boundaries are sexy

Vanessa Hudgens is now 33 years old, even though she probably looks 10 years younger.

In this issue of Nylon magazine, she talked a lot about her career, especially how she used to not want to make a movie if it wasn’t going to win her an Oscar.

Nowadays, Hudgens does whatever feels right for her. From the sound of it, she has been working a lot on herself in the past couple of years.

She told Nylon, “I woke up at 27 like, ‘I have no idea who I am, what I want, or what I stand for. [..] I realized how much of myself I gave away to others when I actually was giving away and turning off pieces of myself. When you get older, the sexier boundaries are.”

However, she has made it clear that now she takes the projects that she wants for pure love and joy for acting, as well as not caring if people like her or not.

Sounds like she has found out who she is and what she stands for.

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