Vanessa Hudgens is a gorgeous White Swan alongside GG Magree’s Black Swan

Vanessa Hudgens at the  "All I Have" Official Finale After Party.
Vanessa Hudgens at the All I Have Official Finale After Party. Pic credit: © Gatchalian/StarMaxWorldwide

Vanessa Hudgens looks stunning in a White Swan Halloween costume that would make Natalie Portman proud.

The High School Musical star shared an extensive photo carousel to her 47.5 million followers on Instagram which features singer/DJ GG Magree in a Black Swan costume.

The costumes are inspired by the 2010 mind-melt of a psychological thriller Black Swan by director Darren Aronofsky that featured two versions of a ballerina– the white and then black swan, the latter of which Portman eventually evolves into.

The two talents invaded a Halloween party as both personas of Portman’s role and from the images, it is clear they are having the time of their lives.

Hudgens herself is pictured as the White Swan Queen wearing an all-white cropped cardigan that is tied low in a bow in the front, tastefully revealing her curves.

She accompanies it with a corset and a light pink fluffy tutu to complete the Natalie Portman transformation.

Vanessa Hudgens as the White Swan

Adding to this, the High School Musical actress is wearing leg warmers and a feather headpiece just like the one in the film.

Both Hudgens and Magree are wearing the iconic swan makeup from the film which has their faces in white make-up with black outlines around the eyes with a winged point stretching towards the temple.

Magree is wearing a black corset with no straps, a black tutu, black stockings, and a silver spiked glittery tiara to finish out the evil swan costume.

Hudgens writes in the caption, “And the festivities begin 🎃.”

This is not the only outfit we have seen from Hudgens this Halloween season.

She kicked off the festivities with a ’50s-style look as well.

Vanessa Hudgens in 1950s sexy costume

The Disney alum also shared a Story, with the actress giving some old-school vibes.

In the picture, she poses next to someone dressed up as Ghostface with a rolled-up white collared shirt to show off her abs.

She wears long black jeans draped low to her feet while barely showing her white heels. The jeans have JNCO jeans qualities and the attached chain gives a ’90s quality to the outfit.

Vanessa Hudgens in '50s costume.
Pic credit: @vanessahudgens/Instagram

But what makes the costume have a ’50s aesthetic is the hair and sunglasses.

Hudgens is wearing her hair in an updo with strands of hair draping the side of her face like John Travolta in Grease. She also sports shades that are either a ’50s homage or taking inspiration from The Matrix.

Her closest friend GG Magree is again accompanying her for the Halloween photo.

From these pictures, it’s clear Halloween belongs to Vanessa Hudgens. Everyone else is just a benchwarmer.

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