Vanessa Hudgens in skintight catsuit swings on a pole

Vanessa Hudgens wears a sexy catsuit while swinging down a stripper pole
Vanessa Hudgens wears a sexy catsuit while swinging down a stripper pole. Pic credit: ┬ę Collin/Image Press Agency

Vanessa Hudgens looked stunning as she shared a recent photo of herself in a hooded catsuit while having some spooky fun around the pole.

The 33-year-old actress certainly didn’t shy away from showcasing her lovely, toned physique as she revealed her skilled dance moves.

Not only did Vanessa showcase her glamorous body, but she also amplified the fact that she is indeed a rather festive person, given the pumpkin decor in the background.

The actress took to Instagram and shared a black-and-white video of herself in a sexy, skintight catsuit as she rocked out to the Spiderman-Theme Song by Michael Buble.

The actress looked genuinely happy, as she shared her natural goofy and bubbly personality with all of her fans.

She shared the mesmerizing video with her 47.4 million Instagram followers, as they watched the fun from a distance.

Vanessa Hudgens enjoys playing in her catsuit

The actress didn’t hesitate one bit when it came to posting the playful yet risque video on Instagram.

The video started off with Vanessa smiling and holding her leg up, as she attempted to put it around her neck.

However, she gracefully failed and moved on to the next trick. She then dipped low to the ground and did the signature Spiderman move as she threw both of her hands out, laughing at the camera.

The actress didn’t stop there. She then ran back to the pole and elegantly twirled around it and came running back toward the camera for another final Spiderman pose.

The whole act was adorable and a true reflection of Vanessa’s quirky personality.

As Vanessa performed the stunt, she was wearing an extremely form-fitting, hooded catsuit that appeared to have some very intricate detail throughout it.

She wore the hood of the catsuit up the whole time as her hair had naturally flowed on each side of her face.

She then simply titled the video, “NERD.”

Vanessa Hudgens is Halloween ready

Vanessa Hudgens has been posting a lot of spooky-themed pictures and videos lately, as it seems quite apparent the actress is a Halloween enthusiast.

The actress posted yet another black-and-white photo, as she reflected on an old Halloween fit which appeared to be a Day of the Dead-inspired look.

She captioned it, “Throwback to Halloween 2020. Think this was look 3 out of 5 ­čśé.”

Vanessa didn’t seem to care for her 2020 look, however, fans said otherwise as it received over 100k likes on Instagram.

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