Vanessa Hudgens hit the water with her family to celebrate Easter

vanessa hudgens at Cali Cares charity fundraiser benefiting No Kid Hungry
Vanessa Hudgens took a trip with family to film a documentary. Pic credit: ©

Actress Vanessa Hudgens went on holiday to the beautiful Philippines to enjoy a getaway full of fun with her family while filming a special project.

The High School Musical and Spring Breakers star recently shared another stunning shot from their trip, featuring her, her sister, and their mother playing in the inviting water.

Hudgens, 34, looked to be hamming it up as she appeared to be in full scuba or surfing attire, primarily black with pink sleeves. She kept her dark hair messy and wore a pair of dark shades and noticeable earrings. The actress sat back in the water, kicking one leg up with a flip-flop in the air and smiling.

To her left in the photo is her gorgeous sister, Stella Hudgens, the only one wearing a two-piece swimsuit. Stella opted for a white bikini top with a crisscrossing strap around her neck and matching trunks for the outing.

In the photo’s background are Vanessa and Stella’s mother, Gina Guangco-Hudgens, who wears a similar suit to her daughter Vanessa. With her mom, also wearing a green headband and glasses, puts a few peace signs in the air with a bright smile on her face.

“Happy Easter & Happy Ostara,” Hudgens wrote in her caption, along with two heart emojis.

The family photo pulled in over 94,000 likes and 200-plus comments extending Easter cheer toward the Hudgens family.

Vanessa Hudgens, sister and mother, commented on the importance of family

Hudgens has been sharing all sorts of content on her Instagram from her trip to the Philippines, with her posts extending back into March. The trip was revealed last month as Hudgens was going to film a travel documentary that spotlights her relationship with her mother and sister Stella.

Her mother, from the Philippines, has raised both daughters by herself since 2016 after their father, Gregory, passed due to cancer. She said her priority in raising them has been to “infuse the Filipino culture and kindness” into her daughters and ensure they never forget who they are.

“To be true to themselves because that’s the only way they can be living examples to other people and kindness is always, always number one in my vocabulary and just to put restriction on little things and clinging on things that don’t matter. Because at the end of the day, family is so important,” she said.

In additional comments from Philstar Global, Vanessa shared how their closeness as a family makes them very Filipino.

“It’s always about the family. I always hear about the closeness of your family. When someone gets married, they kind of move in to the family home. It was like… when you go to college, you don’t need a house. Everybody sticks together,” Hudgens said of her heritage.

“I’m here with my mom and my sister and this is the hub for family. And I get to be here with my family.”

Stella also commented on the closeness of herself, her sister, and her mother as they prepared for the documentary trip.

“The three of us are all very close. We do a lot of things together. We went to the Philippines for the first time especially for Vanessa and I, it’s been beautiful. We kind of all go through life being there for each other, support each other, love each other, which is a huge part of the Filipino culture,” she said.

Vanessa Hudgens called out Apple in paid partnership with Android

It’s no secret that Hudgens has a huge following on social media, which allows her to promote various products of her own, or from brands that approach her for partnerships. Last August, Hudgens uploaded a paid partnership video on her official Instagram in which she attempted to spread the word about Apple’s troublesome texting technology.

In the video, she prepares for dinner and does her makeup while talking to her fans and followers. Hudgens explains that things have been weird when she tries to text certain friends because some of the message bubbles are green and not blue. She also mentions how there are no read receipts for some of them.

She explains that Apple still uses Short Message Service (SMS) rather than the updated Rich Communication Services (RCS) many newer phones use.

Hudgens calls Apple’s use of the SMS “super old and outdated and less secure.”

“So they’re choosing for things to be a little funky and make it complicated between the two users,” Hudgens shared in her video.

“Anyways, now you know. If you have an iPhone, just keep in mind it’s not your Android friend’s fault when all these messy text messages can’t be fixed,” she advised.

She encouraged others to join her in “telling Apple to #GetTheMessage.” With 49.4 million followers on Instagram, Android delivered quite the campaign through the popular actress to take aim at Apple’s outdated text messaging technology.

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