Valkyrae goes sheer and colorful in pigtails

YouTube streamer Valkyrae looked gorgeous wearing pigtails in a sheer shirt. Pic credit: @valkyrae/Instagram

YouTube streamer Valkyrae showed off her sense of fashion from her California estate as the talented gamer looked gorgeous and trendy in a recent share.

The gamer, whose real name is Rachell Hofstetter, has become the most-viewed streamer since she ditched Twitch for YouTube and began streaming on the platform.

Valkyrae showed that the view from up top isn’t too bad, posing for a few of her signature mirror selfies.

She shared a carousel of photos on her Instagram, where she has amassed 3.7 million followers.

The first image showed Valkyrae on her knees as the sun poured in from the window and highlighted her natural glow.

She held her phone in one hand and placed her other on her hip as she showed her sheer shirt, which was half yellow and half black. The sheer top featured a cropped hem and showed Valkyrae’s stylish black bra underneath the garment.

Valkyrae stuns in sheer selfie

The gamer decided to switch things up, rocking her long dark tresses in pigtails. Pieces of her bangs cascaded down to frame her face, which also featured oversized glasses.

Valkyrae paired the two-toned top with black high-waisted jeans that were distressed and cut around the thigh. The holes around the thigh region showed the pants pockets, adding a trendy element to the edgy look.

Valkyrae removed her glasses for the second photo and placed one hand on her face. She crossed her legs and gave a shy smile as she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

For the final shot, Valkyrae made use of the sun’s natural light, which flickered in her eyes. Valkyrae replaced her glasses and unveiled a plump pout with rosy cheeks for a fabulous finish to the exquisite pictures.

As fans could likely see, Valkyrae’s phone was smashed, and she referenced this in her caption.

Her caption read, “I dropped my phone?.”

Luckily for Valkyrae, she likely has the funds to replace her cracked phone.

Valkyrae’s YouTube streaming deal

Valkyrae received a lucrative deal with YouTube, ditching the streaming platform Twitch to appear exclusively on the Google-owned platform. 

The gamer signed the YouTube deal in 2020 and quickly became the most-streamed gamer on the forum.

Although the terms of the deal have not been made public, it was likely a pretty sweet one for the Washington native.

Valkyrae recently became a partial owner of an e-sports team called 1000 Thieves with fellow gamer CouRage. Other 1000 Thieves owners include Drake, and entrepreneur, Scooter Braun.

Valkyrae is capitalizing on the moment, using the spotlight to secure major deals.

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