Valentina Shevchenko shows off shredded physique in bikini for Hong Kong beach visit

Valentina Schevchenko selfie
Valentina Schevchenko is enjoying some beach time in Hong Kong. Pic credit: @bulletvalentina/Instagram

MMA fighter Valentina Shevchenko is enjoying some travel time right now and is sure to take in all the sights.

She’s currently in Hong Kong taking in the culture and visiting the Repulse Bay Beach.

She’s been taking her Instagram followers along for the ride on her travels, sharing pictures from each stop and activity she does.

Okay, maybe not every activity, but it does seem like a lot, and we’re absolutely here for it — we’re traveling vicariously through her right now.

Plus, the shredded fighter seems to be having the time of her life in her pictures as she poses on the beach and shows off her best beach walk.

She seems to be taking things all-natural and relaxed as she relaxes in Hong Kong in her best beach bikini.

Valentina Shevchenko’s workout routine

Valentina didn’t come across her toned body naturally, it takes a lot of work and discipline to stay packing that much muscle.

She opened up to Women’s Health in 2021 to discuss her workout routine and dietary habits, proving that she puts in all the work.

For strength training, she doesn’t lift a lot of weights. That’s right! No heavy lifting.

And that’s not because she can’t lift, but rather because she prefers partner work as opposed to weight lifting to immerse herself into the fighting experience during training.

Plus, she takes her training very seriously and generally works out between two and three hours a day, calling it “hard and nonstop.”

However, recovery is just as important as training and she usually takes her rest days on Friday ahead of any weekend fights, and then completes a shorter, 40-minute light training ahead of her events.

For her recovery days, Valentina loves to be out in nature, and that seems to be just what the fighter is doing while she’s out in Hong Kong.

Valentina Shevchenko finds balance in her diet

Of course, building a healthy physique also requires a healthy diet, or for Valentina, a balanced one.

Since she works so hard in the gym, she’s a bit more relaxed with her food and doesn’t tend to keep things out of her diet, but rather tries to balance her diet out.

For fighting, it’s important for her to keep a consistent weight, so her diet changes at times to get into the proper weight class.

Mostly, she works on not eating at night and not overeating before a fight as a best practice in listening to her body and maintaining her weight.

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