Ukrainian tennis pro Marta Kostyuk stuns in bikini with a gorgeous view

Marta Kostyuk smiles into camera.
Marta Kostyuk was gorgeous in a bikini. Pic credit: @kostyukmarta/Instagram

Ukrainian tennis professional Marta Kostyuk was stunning in a black bikini while enjoying a gorgeous tropical view.

The black bikini featured a strapless top that allowed the camera to fully capture the athlete’s toned shoulders and abs. The bottoms were simplistic and matched the top.

Marta wore her long blonde hair loose and parted in the middle, letting the wet strands fall over her shoulders. She rocked a natural, no makeup look that was perfect for the beach.

The athlete faced the camera and was hip deep in water, which she touched with both hands. The clear blue water rippled around her under a beautiful sky, and a rocky cliff could be seen in the background.

Marta’s overall look was one for a “fun in the sun” kind of day, and she seemed happy and at peace in her gorgeous surroundings.

The rising star posted the lovely photo to her Instagram story with text that read, “post a pic of…Palermoo.”

Marta Kostyuk poses in bikini.
Pic credit: @kostyukmarta/Instagram

Marta Kostyuk enjoys the ‘little things in life’

Marta posted a stunning series of photos to Instagram that show her enjoying the “little things in life.” The enjoyable moments in Marta’s life included playing on the tennis court, working out, manicured nails, and tasty food.

Marta posted her photo with the caption, “enjoying the little things in life,” and it received over 17,000 likes.

Marta Kostyuk speaks about support for Ukraine

Marta is the vice president of the charitable foundation, Children Victims of the War. The organization posted a video of the athlete speaking about the support for Ukraine from other countries.

The caption to the post included, “In continuation of the previous interview during the WTA250 international tournament in Slovenia, Ukrainian tennis player and Vice President of the Foundation Marta Kostyuk answered a number of questions from the international columnist @andreybuzarov regarding the support of Ukrainians in Europe and America.”

The organization is devoted to helping the children impacted by the war in Ukraine, and they made a post recognizing the donations that the organization received.

Translated into English, the caption read, “Received a large amount of humanitarian aid for children today: toys, warm items, strollers, hygiene products. Thanks to the philanthropist Alexei Rozhnov, who collected everything necessary for children and transferred it to our fund for the address transfer to victims’ families.”

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