UFC’s Brittney Palmer says she’s ‘booked and busy’

brittney palmer in instagram selfie
Brittney Palmer is staying busy thanks to her UFC work and other projects. Pic credit: @brittneypalmer/Instagram

Brittney Palmer is leading a busy life, thanks to her work as an Octagon girl and other endeavors she has going on beyond appearances with UFC.

The 35-year-old claimed Ringcard Girl of the Year for the fourth time last year and is continuing to bring her fans along with her content before, during, and after the various events and promotions she works at.

For a recent selfie, she donned a black and white bikini top with matching shorts that featured a white waistband. The gorgeous UFC star leaned over a countertop with her phone in hand to capture the perfect shot in the mirror.

Palmer had her wavy brown locks flowing past her shoulders to her chest and wore dark eyeliner, lashes, and pink lipstick. As accessories, she wore at least one small hoop earring, several thin necklaces, and a bracelet.

A second image in Palmer’s carousel post had her posing all smiles and cheek-to-cheek with fellow UFC Octagon girl Brookliyn Wren, who wore a red and black ensemble with the Monster Energy logo on her top.

A final black and white photo that Palmer shared depicted several round cards placed next to steps at the Octagon.

“Booked and busy,” Palmer wrote in her caption, adding tags for UFC.

The latest post picked up over 170 comments for Palmer to go with 10,000 likes and counting as of this writing.

UFC’s Palmer and Wren share stunning looks in video clips

Along with the images above, Palmer shared a fun clip of her alongside Wren as she again let fans know “we’re busy” in the caption.

“I would check myself into a mental hospital today, but I have things to do,” a voiceover says as Palmer and Wren lipsynch, with the Harry Styles hit As It Was playing briefly.

In another share on Palmer’s TikTok, she and Wren have a little fun as they show themselves in their UFC ring gear before turning their backs to the camera and spinning around.

The two women have transformed from their work gear to more casual or heading-out attire, with Wren in a long-sleeved grey top and jeans. Palmer rocks a light brown long-sleeved crop top and matching pants for her relaxed look.

Brittney Palmer creates art for Topps’ Star Wars project

In addition to her work as a model and UFC Octagon ring girl, Palmer has other endeavors, including working as an artist. She collaborated with Topps on a series of fun baseball cards last year and continues working with the trading card company.

The most recent project has Palmer channeling her inner force as she creates some of the iconic characters from the science fiction franchise Star Wars for the 2022 Topps Star Wars Wrapper Art Collection.

On her TikTok, Palmer shared a fun video where she draws everyone’s favorite green Jedi, Master Yoda, on a canvas. The footage features scenes of Palmer in a few different outfits, first drawing the character’s outline and then coloring her art to make it really stand out.

The video closes with a picture of the final trading card, which looks gorgeous based on Palmer’s creation.


“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. “ It was an absolute honor to capture the legendary Jedi Master, Yoda. May the force be strong with this one! These collectibles are exclusively available for one week only. @starwars @topps @brittneypalmerart Go to before they are gone forever! #topps #starwars #brittneypalmerart #yoda


“It was an absolute honor to capture the legendary Jedi Master, Yoda. May the force be strong with this one! These collectibles are exclusively available for one week only,” Palmer said of the limited-time trading card offer.

Based on a current listing on Topps’ website, the card became available Wednesday, February 8. A single card is $19.99, with discounts for purchases of five-plus or 10 or more cards. The offer lasts one week, with the sale expiration date listed as February 15 for Palmer’s exclusive Star Wars Yoda card.

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