UFC star Maryna Moroz stuns in beautiful black leather and fishnets for an incredible view

Maryna Moroz is stunning in her all-black ensemble.
Maryna Moroz poses for the camera as she models in her leather one-piece and black fishnet stockings. Pic credit: @maryna_moroz_ufc/Instagram

Maryna Moroz is known to be quite the skilled mixed martial artist, however, the athlete can still demonstrate her other fine talents and skillsets.

The Ukrainian UFC fighter left her smooth moves and fiery persona in the Octagon and showcased more of her delicate side in a recent photo shoot.

Maryna took to her Instagram with the eye-catching footage as she shared it with her 111k followers.

The 31-year-old was captured outside for the photo shoot as she stood amongst some greenery while a handful of slender trees towered over her in the background.

Maryna effortlessly glistened and glowed as she propped herself up against one of the trees while she happily posed for the camera.

For the shots, the athlete decided to go with an all-black ensemble as she showcased her toned physique.

Maryna Moroz is stunning in her leather ensemble

Maryna was captured wearing a leather bodysuit that fit her slender physique.

The low-cut piece featured an intricate lace design in the middle while both sides of the suit left most of Maryna’s sides uncovered.

She then styled the one-piece with a pair of black fishnet stockings that rested gently along her torso. The two pieces looked fabulous together, accentuating the athlete’s curves.

She then added a black and white captain hat that featured pretty yellow accents.

For the special occasion, Maryna styled her brown hair in curls that flowed beautifully down her body.

She then sported a full face of makeup while her complexion looked heavenly against the glistening sunlight.

She captioned the post, “? ❤️ bad bunny #playboy @playboy ? @dannyswellchasers @tropicalangels.raw ? @radiation_art.”

Maryna Moroz shares her daily workout routine while promoting Shifted

As a professional fighter, it would only make sense that Maryna would follow a very specific training routine, and in some of her latest shares, the UFC star demonstrated just that.

The athlete took to her Instagram once again as she was captured boxing and practicing with her trainer.

In the first couple of seconds, Maryna gave her fans a close-up view of her workout fit for the day while promoting one of her favorite health companies, Shifted.

Shifted is a vitamin and supplement company that is dedicated to delivering its customers life-changing results through its premium quality ingredients. 

The company helps support and further motivate its customers through the daily consumption of its products. 

After she shared the close-up view, the camera then transitioned to a clip of Maryna and her trainer practicing along the water.

The athlete wore her blue and orange Shifted shirt as she styled it with a pair of black biker shorts.

For this training session, Maryna sported a makeup-free face and had her hair styled back into two large braids.

She captioned the post, “Monday, do you need energy? will help you ➡️ @shiftedstrong #motivation ?.”

Fans can now shop all of the Shifted gear on their website online, while supplies last.

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