UFC star Maryna Moroz rocks pink swimsuit for lashes promo

maryna moroz outdoors in pink swimsuit
Maryna Moroz slayed in a pink swimsuit for some time outdoors. Pic credit: @maryna_moroz_ufc/Instagram

When she’s not looking to destroy opponents in the Octagon, UFC star Maryna Moroz knows how to take her look to the next level.

She recently unveiled a gorgeous image for her fans online as she rocked a stunning swimsuit for a shot at a park or open outdoor area in Aventura, Florida.

Moroz took the selfie while sitting on the grass, showing the side of her leg and lean arms as she held the camera or phone for the shot.

Her pink one-piece featured black trim on the edges and a zipper pull in the middle. Moroz’s choice of pink lipstick perfectly complemented the swimsuit.

The smiling UFC star also had dark brows and eyelashes, the latter of which she hyped up after getting them done at a specific studio.

She wrote in her caption, “ ? this is my favorite studio where i got my eyelashes .I recommend everyone to visit. What I really like is that for two hours I enjoyed relaxing music ? excellent work of the master of eyelashes, felt comfortable? Volume Set Tati Lashes Studio, located in the Aventura area.”

Maryna Moroz says ‘My life my rules’ in a sizzling video share

Along with her promotion of Tati Lashes Studio, Moroz uploaded another video that featured her rocking the gorgeous pink swimsuit, but this time as she walked outside on a beautiful day.

She had additional items as part of her look. They included pink slides and futuristic-looking pink shades with a sort of neon-tinted pink, purple, and blue look to the lenses.

Moroz strutted confidently down the roadway with her camera or phone in hand to record herself as she wore the pink “GRL PWR” swimsuit. She moved her camera view around to capture alternate angles as she continued her walk.

“My life my rules,” she wrote in her caption, tagging Pit Viper as the maker of her cool shades and La Michaux for the swimwear.

Based on details from the La Michaux website, Moroz is wearing the Inspire Pink One Piece swimsuit, which sells for $88 and is currently sold out. Based on the website’s details, it’s 85 percent polyester and 15 percent spandex. The versatile item can be worn as a swimsuit or bodysuit.

Her shades could be one of several styles from Pit Viper. Similar items their website offers include the Copacabana 2000s shades for $89.69 and the Bonaire Breeze Polarized for $119.69.

Maryna Moroz reveals her workouts

There aren’t too many secrets to how a UFC fighter like Moroz stays in fantastic shape. Hard work at the gym is part of most of the mixed martial arts stars’ routines.

Moroz has shared multiple videos in which she shows some of the exercises she employs to stay fit and ready for the Octagon.

In a clip earlier this month, Moroz showed herself hard at work using an item similar to a sledgehammer with a ball attached to the end. She used it to hammer away at a large tire in front of her, helping her work on many of her muscles at once.

In another clip, Moroz was outdoors as she pushed a weight sled to work on her lower body. She wasn’t just pushing forward and running, though, as Moroz also performed high knee jumps as she pushed the sled.

In another unique video, Moroz hung from a bar that would typically be for performing ab exercises, pull-ups, or chin-ups.

However, Moroz was hanging on the bar and holding a kettlebell on one of her feet. She raised her knee toward her chest, bringing up the kettlebell, which seemed to work her leg muscles.

With hard work comes success, and Moroz has that, as she’s achieved an 11-4 record in UFC and a 3-1 record in her last four fights. Fans await her next matchup to see if the Ukranian fighting star can continue her winning ways.

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