UFC star Joanna Jedrzejczyk promotes My Labs while sharing glowing results

Joanna Jedrzejczyk selfie
Joanna Jedrzejczyk looks beautiful as she promotes her new beauty product. Pic credit: @joannajedrzejczyk/Instagram

The beloved Joanna Jedrzejczyk is back and this time she’s showing off her hard work in the form of a My Labs beauty supplement that she recently created and further launched.

The incredibly-missed UFC champion has been busy expanding her success as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Last year, Joanna founded and further became the CEO of the supplement company called My Labs.

More so, the company is dedicated to supporting an active and rather happy lifestyle through its extensive line of high-quality products.

Joanna and her closely-knitted team have worked incredibly hard to create this extensive line of premium products that aim to deliver the utmost best results possible.

The beauty company provides its clients with various supplements like daily vitamins, magnesium, detox supplements, and even vitamins to help with a better night’s sleep.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk happily promotes her company My Labs

In the clip that she shared through her Instagram, Joanna was first captured in her causal attire as she held the small bottle of her new beauty collagen in her hand.

In the next couple of seconds, the athlete was seen taking some sips from the bottle as she then held the bottle up close to the camera lens.

In the next scene, Joanna shared the results as she was now wearing a periwinkle-colored dress while her skin was glistening and glowing.

The long dress included a shimmery design and a cut-out pattern along the sides of her body. The cutesy periwinkle dress even had a diamond chain that fell in between the openings of the two cut-out designs.

She paired the dress with a full face of perfectly applied makeup. She had a shimmery, nude-toned eyeshadow along her lids, some blush and bronzer along her cheeks, and a bold, bright lip.

In the end, Joanna looked absolutely beautiful as she happily promoted her unique beauty product.

The caption read, “It works ?? my beauty collagen – @mylabs_pl ? have you tried?”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk shares a comical training clip while promoting Howler Head Whiskey

When Joanna isn’t busy with her beauty company, the UFC star is instead helping promote other businesses.

In another recent IG post, she announced that she’d be partnering up with Howler Head Whiskey.

Howler Head is known for its unique Kentucky bourbon whiskey that is aged for two years in the finest American oak barrels.

More so, the whiskey is carefully blended with natural banana flavors, giving the whiskey that perfect balance of sweet banana goodness.

With such a smooth, flavorful taste and further connection to the UFC, it was no wonder why Joanna immediately gravitated toward this company.

Head Howler is also affiliated with the UFC, hence why the athlete happily promotes the whiskey before every UFC fight.

However, for this particular post, Joanna was seen jabbing the black punching bag that rested on the ground in front of her.

As she did so, she wore Howler Head’s bright red hoodie and paired it with some high-waisted athletic leggings.

The Polish beauty even smiled at the end of the video as she seemed to be enjoying this silly moment with her punching bag before the fight.

The caption read, “Last training before Easter – a very special time for me as a Catholic .✝️ It’s the time for falling into a reverie, taking a breath, and spending time with my family. May your Easter be full of peace and joy, Guys! ??
For me, it’s gonna be Eggstra, as I’ll be following the UFC weekend in Miami. Lots of great fights and big names. Make sure to get a bottle of howler head while watching #UFC287. Enjoy!??.”

Fans can now head to Howler Head’s website to learn more about their tasty barrel-aged whiskey and their overall mission as a company.

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