UFC star Holly Holm has home dance party with ‘unimpressed’ guest

holly holm close up shot from ufc 281 show
MMA star Holly Holm appears at the UFC 281 show. Pic credit: @hollyholm/Instagram

UFC star Holly Holm was feeling some fun and positive vibes as she looked comfortable in her recent home dance party video several weeks after her win in the Octagon.

The 41-year-old MMA star wore a pink crop-top hoodie and skintight grey leggings, with her blonde locks flowing down her top as she wore the hood up.

Holm danced barefoot with her toenails painted pink, revealing her toned abs as she gyrated to the music, moved her arms and hands, and spun around.

Holm selected the background track La Vaca by Mala Fe for the dance scene to add some upbeat Spanish flavor to her dance clip.

While Holm was mostly alone, she had a bystander in the scene. However, her dog River, initially lying on the rug in the background, opted to exit the scene after seeing Holm’s moves.

“Dance party at the Holm residence. River is unimpressed. She said, ‘I’m out” ?,'” Holm wrote for her caption.

Holm shared the dance clip with her 2.5 million followers, and a portion seemed impressed as the post received over 56,000 likes. There were also over 1,500 comments that arrived, giving feedback for the video.

Holly Holm recorded UFC win No. 15 last month

At last month’s UFC on ESPN: Vera vs. Sandhagen, Holm won her match against Yana Santos via unanimous decision after three rounds. That pushed Holm’s record to 15-6 overall and 3-1 in her last four fights.

According to Albuquerque Journal, that fight was Holm’s first of six under her recently-renewed contract with UFC. Holm’s longtime Albuquerque promoter Lenny Fresquez talked with the Journal about the signing, saying it took about 15 minutes.

“[The UFC] knew Holly had lots of options out there,” he said. “She was very sought-after and probably could have earned more money elsewhere.”

“Her mission is to get that gold. She’s one or two fights away from it,” Fresquez said.

Holm won the UFC bantamweight title from Ronda Rousey in 2015 but lost that title to Miesha Tate the following March. She’ll likely be rooting for her friend Michelle Waterson at this weekend’s UFC 287 event in person or from afar, as Karate Hottie is part of the preliminary matches.

Holly Holm shared how she got her sculpted arms

Getting an incredible physique takes work, but based on Holm’s comments after winning the UFC Bantamweight championship years ago, it doesn’t need to always feature heavy weights. Holm indicated she was able to get sculpted arms without the dumbbells or barbells loaded with plates.

“I do some strength training but most of what I do as far as arms is bodyweight. I’ll do pull-ups, pushups and dips. Of course with fighting, we’re constantly using our arms punching. In the clench you’re wrestling around with other people so they’re constantly being worked. I don’t ever use really heavy weights with my arms,” Holm told Muscle & Fitness.

Based on a recent Instagram share, Holm doesn’t completely skip out on using weights for her arm exercises. In the clip (below), she does some work with light weights, performing unique training moves for her arms. This could even be something new added to her routine as she’s become older and needs to work on the mobility of her joints.

“Just getting my pump on with these 5 pound weights. ? @teamturningpoint,” Holm wrote in her caption.

She also shared her go-tos when it comes to eating on the day of a fight, mentioning she tends to eat the same sorts of “clean foods” on a regular day which typically includes heading to the gym.

“A light protein, maybe fish or chicken. I always have sweet potatoes. I might have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I might have trail mix. I like to have light proteins and good carbs. I might have some fruits. I don’t want to only do fruit because the sugar doesn’t last with you as long. I feel good when I have a good sweet potato, and nut butters and honey,” she revealed.

Holm continues to look incredible and seems more than ready to take on the next challenger that comes her way in the Octagon. Until then, dancing is definitely some great cardio in case she wants to burn extra calories from cheat meals.

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