UFC fighter Valentina Shevchenko opens jacket to show off skimpy bikini for October swim

Valentina Shevchenko shows off her toned physique during recent swim.
Valentina Shevchenko shows off her toned physique during a recent swim. Pic credit: @bulletvalentina/Instagram

Valentina Shevchenko took off her jacket in a recent photo, revealing a tiny, colorful bathing suit.

The 34-year-old Peruvian professional mixed martial artist has kept herself quite busy recently as she’s been enjoying life by the lake.

However, when she’s not relaxing by the lake, Valentina is constantly training as she competes in the women’s Flyweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Valentina is currently the UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion, as she has 23 wins under her belt and only three losses.

The UFC fighter is not only an incredible athlete, but she’s also a travel enthusiast.

Valentina loves sharing her recent endeavors with her Instagram followers, as they get to experience the fun from a distance.

Valentina Shevchenko enjoys a nice chilly swim in October

It’s apparent that Valentina is not only courageous when it comes to fighting in the Octagon, but she’s also incredibly valiant when it comes to swimming in the chilly waters during the brisk month of October.

The UFC fighter took to Instagram recently as she shared a collage of photos with her 2.6 million followers.

Valentina stood happily on a dock as she held onto her camo Huk windbreaker, a green and cream bandana, and some flashy blue-shaded sunglasses.

Valentina completed her outfit with a pair of sand-colored boots, as she decided not to wear any pants for this outdoorsy fit.

In the third picture, Valentina surprised her followers by opening up her jacket and revealing her tiny, colorful bikini.

Her bikini was the perfect combination of colors, as it hugged her body perfectly, accentuating her toned torso and muscular physique.

Valentina happily posed with one hand on her hip and the other in the air, excited to go for a chilly dip in the lake.

She captioned the collage of photos, “It’s October! 🍁 Water temperature +6 ☀️ But swimming is just the right time 😄.”

Valentina Shevchenko is a true nature lover at heart

It’s hard to imagine Valentina having much time off, as she seems to be constantly training for her next big UFC fight.

However, Valentina’s Instagram is filled with so many scenic sights as she travels all around, expressing her love for nature and the gorgeous views.

It is no surprise her fans love following along with her adventurous expeditions. She often receives an abundance of love when she shares her posts.

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Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon
2 months ago

“ The 34-year-old Peruvian professional mixed martial artist”

btw she’s Russian.

JR Yuen
JR Yuen
2 months ago
Reply to  Chris P Bacon

She’s also a Peruvian citizen of Ukrainian descent.

Adam Scharaswak
Adam Scharaswak
1 month ago
Reply to  JR Yuen

She’s from Kyrgyzstan. She lived in Peru.