UFC champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk celebrates MYLABS beauty line

Joanna Jedrzejczyk selfie
Joanna Jedrzejczyk looks stunning as she celebrates her new beauty company. Pic credit: @joannajedrzejczyk/Instagram

Joanna Jedrzejczyk might be retired from her beloved sport. However, that hasn’t stopped her from indulging in other creative endeavors.

The fan-favorite and well-missed UFC champ has been busy expanding her success as a female business owner and entrepreneur.

Last year, Joanna founded and further became the CEO of the supplement company MYLABS.

The athlete’s company is dedicated to promoting an active and rather happy lifestyle through its extensive line of high-quality products.

Joanna has worked incredibly hard with her team to create various premium products that aim to deliver the best results possible.

The company provides its customers with various supplements like daily vitamins, magnesium, detox supplements, and even vitamins to help with a better night’s sleep.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is effortlessly glowing as she celebrates her accomplishments

With much success so far, it only would make sense why Joanna needed to take a step back and celebrate her accomplishments. In her latest share, the fighter did just that.

The Polish beauty decided to take her celebratory moment onto Instagram, where she shared a compilation video of her progress so far and all of the incredible products that her company offers.

In the first couple of seconds, Joanna was all dolled up in a full face of makeup while she sported a lovely pink and white sequins dress. The dress fit Joanna wonderfully as it accentuated her toned arms and glowing skin.

In the next couple of scenes, the UFC star promoted her products which were all packaged in black and white boxes.

She went on to promote her beauty supplements, Joanna was captured in a couple more cutesy fits as she rocked a taupe-colored tank top and even her white fluffy bathrobe.

Overall, Joanne looked beautiful in every second of the video as she took the time to celebrate her well-deserved accomplishments.

The post was captioned, “pov: when you made your own line of BEAUTY supplements ? Bestselling collagen and best for beauty vitamin A+E complex can be found in the store @mylabs_pl! ?.”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is also a proud partner of Howler Head Whiskey

When Joanna isn’t busy running her own business, the pro fighter is instead helping promote other businesses.

In another IG post, she announced that she’d be partnering up with Howler Head Whiskey.

Head Howler is known for its one-of-a-kind Kentucky bourbon whiskey that is aged for two years in American oak barrels.

From there, the aged whiskey is carefully blended with a natural banana flavor, giving it that perfectly smooth kick of banana goodness.

With such a smooth flavorful taste and further connection to the UFC, it was no wonder why Joanna immediately gravitated toward this company.

Head Howler is also affiliated with the UFC, hence why the athlete promotes the whiskey before almost every UFC fight.

She captioned the promotional post, “Get your @howlerheadwhiskey for the fights! #UFC286 ? #ad#paidpartnership#sponsored#howlerhead.”

Fans can now head to Howler Head’s website to learn more about their tasty barrel-aged whiskey and their overall mission as a company.

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