Tyra Banks goes makeup-free for ‘relaxing realness’

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks smiles in front of a pink backdrop. Pic credit: ©

Tyra Banks is a talented model who broke into the industry with ease thanks to her confidence and beauty.

The world of modeling is incredibly difficult to break into, especially since one has to naturally possess levels of “star quality” to make it big.

While she was spending years of her career posing for magazine covers and walking on runways, she was generally always dolled up in tons of gorgeous makeup.

These days, Tyra doesn’t necessarily need to wear as much makeup as she once did –– especially not when she’s relaxing at home.

The model shared a series of photos without any makeup on to show her fans and followers what it looks like to be totally real and authentic.

Not long before that, she shared some photos to promote the delicious holiday ice cream gift box set she’s selling, Smize Cream.

Tyra Banks looks flawless without makeup

Tyra has spent a fair share of her life wearing loads of makeup for different industry events — whether she was showing up on a red carpet or guest starring in different ad campaigns.

Now, she seems to be more comfortable than ever showing the world what she looks like without any makeup on whatsoever. She posted a photo thread that consisted of four separate pictures revealing her clear skin and natural glow.

Her eyebrows weren’t filled in, she didn’t have faux lashes, and there weren’t any signs of lipstick. She did wear a thick black headband to push back her wildly wavy brown hair, though.

She also wore a brown T-shirt underneath a black zipper jacket with a pair of thick-rimmed black glasses. She kept her caption short and sweet writing, “Saturday relaxing realness,” with a yellow heart emoji.

Tyra Banks promotes Smize Cream

Tyra shared some photos to encourage her followers to try out the Tyra Holiday Ice Cream Gift Box from Gold Belly. The retail brand has linked up with Tyra to sell Smize Cream to anyone who might have a sweet tooth.

The first photo in Tyra’s thread showed the model holding up a carton of Smize Cream with an elegant smirk on her face. She dazzled in a stunning gold dress paired with sheer gloves covered in rhinestones and gems.

She went all out with a Santa Claus hat that was made with gold fabric instead of red fabric to go along with the white fuzzy material around her forehead.

Her makeup looked absolutely flawless as if she was ready to celebrate the holiday season at any moment. The other photos in the thread honed in on the different available ice cream flavors.

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