Twitch streamer Valkyrae stuns in a gorgeous metallic dress to celebrate her birthday

Valkyrae gazes into the camera.
Twitch streamer Valkyrae was stunning in a minidress. Pic credit: @valkyrae/Instagram

Twitch streamer Valkyrae celebrated her birthday by being absolutely radiant in a glittering minidress.

The metallic minidress featured sparkling fabric with blue and purple hues, complementing Valkyrae’s glowing complexion. It featured a low neckline and cropped at the upper thighs to highlight her curves and her long, lean legs.

Valkyrae let her wavy dark locks left loose to waterfall over one shoulder all the way to her elbow. Her makeup was picturesque with winged liner and pink lips.

The streamer accessorized her look with a silver chain necklace and shiny earrings. She completed her outfit with shiny silver heels that held a near-mirror-like quality.

Valkyrae’s overall look was gleaming and gorgeous as she celebrated another year around the sun.

The internet star posted the look to Instagram and included “Birfday!” in her caption. It received well over 600,000 likes and was flooded with thousands of comments.

Valkyrae presents an award at The Game Awards

Valkyrae has made major strides in online streaming throughout her career, so much so that she was invited to present an award at The Game Awards.

The YouTuber was thrilled about the opportunity and made sure to present with her charisma at her side, as well as her incredible fashion sense.

She wore a strapless, floor-skimming gown with thick vertical black and white stripes, which she posted to Instagram for her 3.7 million fans. She looked as elegant as ever with a little black purse in her hands and tasteful accessories.

Valkyrae included in her caption, “I presented an award at The Game Awards! I surprisingly wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. Hoping to do it again someday.”

Her followers seemed to hope the same, as the post earned well over 300,000 likes.

Valkyrae models for Gymshark

Valkyrae’s incredible and growing success has led her to partner with multiple brands, including Gymshark. The online creator modeled Gymshark’s comfy athletic wear in order to promote the brand to her audience.

The first outfit consisted of rusty orange leggings that were skintight and showed off Valkyrae’s incredible physique. Valkyrae paired them with a matching top and a dark gray, cropped hoodie to wear overtop.

The other looks included a green hoodie and matching sweatpants, an all-purple outfit, and black sweatpants paired with a fashionable top. Valkyrae looked amazing in each and can definitely pull off any outfit she’d like.

Gymshark sells a variety of athletic wear, such as these stylish options that Valkyrae modeled.

Valkyrae included in her caption, “The new Rest Day Collection is very cozy.” Gymshark was likely happy with the promotion, as the post earned over 300,000 likes.

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