Twitch streamer Pokimane stuns braless in unbuttoned top

Imane Anys Pokimane
Streamer Pokimane stunned in a miniskirt and bra-free combo. Pic credit: @pokimane/Instagram

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, shared some shots from a night out and left fans speechless with her outfit.

The 26-year-old Canadian-Moroccan streamer took a break from the games and videos to get dressed up and show off her beauty, stunning fans in a black outfit and matching stiletto boots.

She shared a few photos for her 6.1 million Instagram followers and the post gained over 613,000 likes after it was posted.

Pokimane gives leggy display in miniskirt and stiletto boots

Pokimane’s post opened with a perfectly posed picture as she sat atop a set of steps. She had one leg stretched out in front of her while the other was slightly bent as she leaned back on her hands.

Her outfit was a matching black mini skirt and a black button-up top, through the top was mostly unbuttoned. There was no bra in sight, as the top was only held together by a thin chain between the buttons.

She finished the outfit with a matching black purse and black stiletto boots that came up just below her knees.

A swipe right shows a bathroom mirror (or maybe a dressing room mirror) selfie as she poses, showing her outfit from the knees up.

The last picture in the set shows her with three other friends as they crowd in together to take a selfie. The selfie included social media personality Bella Poarch and fellow Twitch streamers BrookeAB and QuarterJade.

As Pokimane has risen in fame, it’s not uncommon to see her interacting with other online streamers and personalities, as she has even attracted the attention of the famed PewDiePie.

Pokimane rates PewDiePie’s new Japan setup

Dexerto reports that Pokimane was finally given her chance to rate PewDiePie’s PC setup after he gave some harsh reviews on hers.

Pokimane fans may recall back in 2021 when the famed YouTuber PewDiePie absolutely roasted Pokimane’s setup, calling her cable management and old-school computer room “the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

Though he did approve of her new office space, she hasn’t forgotten his harsh words and gave him some feedback regarding his newest setup.

After seeing PewDiePie’s new setup in Japan, Pokimane said, “Pause it. Listen. If you got to criticize me, it’s my turn, baby. For starters, Dell? Huh? Why do you have a Dell monitor?”

She continued, “I thought they dead-a** did not make 240hz monitors. But the wide? For the main one? I guess it’s good for feeling immersed, but if you’re gonna play any game competitively, it ain’t it. In my humble opinion.”

However, she largely approved of his new space and told fans, “That is beautiful. I’m not gonna lie, his setup is clean as hell.”

Though the two may have their own opinions and perhaps disagree with each other at times, the two streaming giants are at least capable of acknowledging when the other has a clean setup.

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