Twitch streamer Pokimane shows off her gym gains for selfie flex

Pokimane selfie
Pokimane shows her weight loss results. Pic credit: @pokimanelol/Instagram

Twitch star Pokimane celebrated dropping 15 pounds with a series of photos. 

The 26-year-old, who is the most-followed female streamer on Twitch, has been working hard in the gym to reach her goals. 

In the first snap of a photo dump, Pokimane flexed her bicep muscle for a bathroom selfie. 

She wore a black spandex crop top and matching shorts for the snap. 

Pokimane gave another view of her gym-honed body in the second slide before flashing a smile in the third photo. 

The gamer shared another sweet face selfie before throwing up the peace sign in the next slide. 

In the final photo, she put the attention on her adorable cat and wrote in the caption, “down 15 pounds :).”

Pokimane opens up about social media and self-image 

Pokimane shared a video shortly after her gym selfies to get candid about social media versus reality. 

In the caption, she discussed unrealistic social media standards and real bodies. 

“I think it’s very easy to lose track of what people look like when we only see the edited & perfected version of them online! that’s actually one of the reasons i love going to the gym, you see real bodies, real people just working on bettering themselves ❤️,” she wrote.

She continued, “friendly reminder that a lot of social media is smokes & mirrors, so don’t compare yourself to what you see online :).”

The Twitch sensation has given her fans a glimpse of the workout routine she used to achieve her weight loss goals. 

Pokimane shows her workout routine and diet in vlogs

In a video, Pokimane gave her audience a glimpse into her daily routine, including how she exercises. 

She started her morning by doing yoga in her home and wrote that it boosts her mood and wakes her up. 

The social media star then went to the gym for a proper workout and started by warming up with a jog on the treadmill. 

The Twitch star then performed leg extensions with a cable machine before moving to weight hip thrusts with a barbell. 

Pokiname went without makeup in casual clothing in the YouTube video and was seen performing dumbbell rows. 

She then moved over to the gym studio for lateral band walks to complete the workout before heading to the shower. 

In another video, the gamer broke down her diet and said she usually starts her morning with eggs, whole wheat bread, and healthy fat such as avocados. 

For lunch, she usually has pre-made meals due to her work schedule and opts for paleo food. 

Pokimane snacks on Greek yogurt ice cream bars and chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour. 

For dinner, she usually has food with friends, and in the video, she indulged in a hearty meal at a restaurant. 

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