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Twitch streamer Pokimane goes topless under hot pink jacket

Imane Anys Pokimane
Pokimane goes braless under a hot pink suit jacket while looking for a sugar baby. Pic credit: @pokimanelol/Instagram

Imane Anys, better known as Twitch streamer Pokimane, gave fans a red hot post this week with an enthralling question.

Taking a few snaps for her 6.1 million followers, the streamer shared a few shots on Instagram and asked her followers, “anybody need a sugar momma?”

Her post quickly gained the attention of her followers, as they’ve left over 575,000 likes since it was posted.

Pokimane ditches shirt under hot pink jacket

Jokingly tagging her location as “You Girlfriend’s House,” Pokimane seemed to know she was coming in hot with her post.

She sat in the back of a car, with the headrest behind her and the traffic lights seen through the back window. Her brown locks framed her face as she wore a hot pink piece with no visible shirt or bra underneath.

She went light on the accessories, as fans could see the strap of her purse and a couple of bracelets, but nothing too distracting.

Leaving her jacket partially open with no shirt beneath gave fancy a glimpse of cleavage while still keeping herself covered.

The images appear to be taken during sunset, sometimes known as the golden hour for taking pictures. The sun’s orange glow illuminated her appearance as she gave the camera a few different expressions, including one sly smirk.

The alluring post came just days before she made a big announcement regarding her appearance at some highly-famed streaming events.

Pokimane headed to TwitchCon Amsterdam and EVO Las Vegas

Pokimane announced on her Twitter that she could be attending TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022 next weekend and Evo in Las Vegas in August.

TwitchCon’s main events occur on Saturday, July 16, and Sunday, July 17. The website offers ticket information and event info. For Saturday, fans can anticipate things such as a drag showcase and opening ceremony alongside ay-long content and halls. Sunday is similar, though there is an added cosplay contest.

Evo, or Evolution Championship Series, takes place in Las Vegas from August 5-7. Evo is a popular fighting game tournament and the largest fighting game tournament in the world. They’ve been running events for 20 years.

Some tournaments at Evo include Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, TEKKEN 7, and Skullgirls; 2nd Encore.

Evo also has events like a standard convention, including vendors, developer and publisher booths, an Artist Alley, and more.

The esteemed events gather several streamers from all around the world, as well as fans who can come and maybe get an autograph from their favorite gamers.

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