Twitch streamer Neekolul shows off her style in cute photo

Close-up of Neekolul
Neekolul poses for her followers back in January 2021. Pic credit: @neekolul/Instagram

Neekolul posted a cute photo on Instagram Stories for her almost 700K followers.

The Twitch streamer and TikTok star posed in her bedroom, wearing a candy-pink and black stripy bodycon dress with studded straps.

She paired her sweet look with matching arm warmers with thumb holes.

Neeko accessorized by wearing a string of Vivienne Westwood pearls and held up her hand in a claw, showing off her baby pink acrylic nails.

Her black hair was cut into a shaggy style and she swept her bangs over to one side.

She wore her signature makeup look of exaggerated black winged eyeliner and rosy blushing cheeks and she added a freckled filter to her story for an added dose of cuteness.

Neekolul poses on Instagram.
Neekolul poses on Instagram. Pic credit: @neekolul/Instagram

Neekolul wears a rainbow crochet outfit

Always playful with her fashion choices, Neekolul recently shared a colorful snap with her fans.

She wore a rainbow-hued backless halterneck dress with a matching bucket hat.

The two-piece set is the Arizona set by Carolannie Crochet, it retails for $248 and is currently sold out.

Neekolul smiled wearing the cute look, adding pigtails with pink ribbons in her hair.

She slung a blue hooded sweatshirt around her shoulders as she posed in the car while eating ice cream

Who is Neekolul?

Neekolul or Nicole Sanchez is an American Twitch streamer and TikTok star. She gained overnight fame in 2020 when she posted a lip sync video to the song Oki Doki Boomer by Senzawa, while wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt.

The TikTok was viewed over 6 million times in 4 days and Neeko was known as the “Ok Boomer Girl.”

She began streaming on the gaming platform Twitch and quickly gained a large following due to her cutesy style and way of acting.

However, Neeko has faced her fair share of criticism from the public.

In an article posted by Vice back in 2020, the writer insisted she’s just living up to the age old trope of straight men being attracted to girls who look cute and young.

Writer Gita Jackson said, “Some of her critics say that by wearing a cosplay school uniform, dancing, and talking like a sexy baby, she is reinforcing negative stereotypes about women and encouraging men attracted to women to indulge in a fetish for seeing them infantilized.”

In July 2020 she joined the lifestyle brand and esports organization, 100 Thieves, as a content creator.

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