Twitch streamer Neekolul in tiny plunging bikini shares ‘coconut POV’

Twitch streamer Neekolul is stunning in a pink and blue bikini. Pic credit: @neekolul/Instagram

Nicole “Neekolul” Sanchez is known for her cute aesthetic photos and makeup, and the Twitch streamer isn’t letting go of her aesthetic any time soon.

Neekolul has come a long way since she first started streaming on Twitch in 2017, with the help of her viral Ok, Boomer video.

She also keeps up with TikTok trends now, often going viral and gaining more followers as she perfects each and every new fad.

Fans often see Neekolul from her house when she logs on to stream, but she’s been outside quite a bit this summer as well.

She’s soaking up all the sun she can before the weather gets a bit cooler as September nears its end.

Her latest Instagram share includes a cute pink and blue plaid swimsuit as her long hair flows in the wind as she goes looking for coconuts.

Neekolul in plunging bikini for coconuts

Neekolul leans over slightly in the photo, keeping one hand over her forehead, seemingly shielding her eyes from the sun.

She wrote, “POV: ur a coconut and I just found you,” describing what her followers would be seeing if they were all coconuts.

Though she’s enjoying some time out in the sun, she still has her classic rosy-cheek makeup on, including some light eye makeup and just a little bit of her signature pink blush on her nose. Her lips match the rosy color, tying the look together and highlighting the soft pink in her swimsuit.

Her 688 thousand followers have left over 83 thousand likes since she shared the post, giving her lots of love.

Neekolul has even more bikini looks

In another bikini post, Neekolul posted three pictures of herself posing in another two-piece swimming costume that featured a floral pattern.

The three pics showed her looking super toned and fit as she posed by a rockery with her camera and allowed her dark hair to flow naturally down over her shoulders.

Neekolul’s caption was, “💕🌊 UwU”

This post quickly racked up over 100,000 likes from her army of fans.

In a bit of a departure from the bikini look, two weeks ago, Neekolul posted four beautiful pictures of herself rocking a short mutli-colored crocheted mini dress with a matching hat.

The social influencer was sitting in a car as she cooled off by munching on some ice cream.

Neekolul tagged in the Carolannie Crochet clothing brand and captioned the post, “:3🍦💕”

This post has picked up nearly 90,000 likes.

While Neekolul enjoys the weather, she also took some time to reflect on her past and how she became such an icon online, especially for the Latin community, for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Neekolul opens up on what it means to be a Latin icon during National Hispanic Heritage Month

Neekolul opened up to Dexerto about how she first decided she wanted to be a streamer and what it’s like being such a famous icon today.

She revealed that she first began recording on a camcorder when she was very young and was generally embarrassed by her videos, but she was still drawn to creating videos and streaming throughout her life.

As an adult, she decided to quit her job and begin streaming full-time. Her parents were supportive although concerned, as she is a first-generation Mexican American and while they wanted her to be happy, they also wanted her to be successful.

However, thanks to her hard work and some help from her partner Nick Brotman, Neekolul was able to attract a larger audience.

Neekolul began streaming in 2017 when she created her Twitch account, and three years later, she had 500,000 views and almost 50,000 followers.

She opened her YouTube account in 2019 and has not looked back since.

Now, she’s thrilled to be an icon in the Hispanic community, noting that it means a lot to her to be a content creator for others like herself to look up to.

She revealed, “It means everything to me because I do streams in English and Spanish. Although people have a pre-conceived perception of me, then they come into my stream and they know my background, where I’m from, and the things I have had to go through… Which is the story of so many first-generation Mexican Americans or Latin Americans in general… It’s very hard to find someone like that in the content creator space.”

“As for myself, it’s very important – not only for the Hispanic community in America but in general – being Latinx, having those content creators to look up to is very very important for the growth of our community in the content creator space.”

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