Twitch streamer Neekolul goes school-girl chic for self-love

Neekolul selfie
Neekolul twirls in her latest ‘fit. Pic credit: @neekolul/Instagram

Twitch streamer Neekolul doesn’t just love herself — she’s obsessed with herself, and she proved it with a killer look on Instagram.

Nicole Sanchez, better known as Neekolul, turned to work her angles in her loud look and allowed the camera to capture the totality of her colorful outfit.

Meanwhile, she lip-synched in classic Neekolul fashion to a TikTok sound. She mouthed the words, “Me, obsessed with me? Yes, yes I am, b**ch.”

The TikTok personality caption had less to say, as it was simply a cherry emoji that perfectly matched the red in her outfit. The look and the lip-synch did plenty on their own, and no lengthy caption was needed.

Neekolul’s makeup looked like an OG Snapchat filter, and in the best way possible. Her cheeks, lips, and nose were tinted red in an adorable cartoonish manner, and her eyes stood out with long lashes and dark liner.

Her long locks moved gracefully around her head as she moved, with slight bangs framing her face. She flipped her hair out with her hand as she made her final turn for an extra sassy flair.

Neekolul turns up the charm with a bright look.

The 25-year-old internet star rocked a white top that cropped in the shape of an arrow and featured lacy trim. It included a plunging neckline with a bright red collar that folded out over her shoulders.

Neekolul’s red skirt perfectly matched the collar, with the same thin white stripes lining the edge of the statement piece.

The plunging neckline ended with a large purple bow that had lacy white trimming and decorated the front of Neekolul’s bodice.

A smaller, matching bow was pinned to the back of the top, and the ribbons fell over the back of her skirt.

The online celebrity wore a matching purple ribbon around her neck as a choker necklace, which included a small silver pendant that dangled in the front.

Neeklolul overall look was flirty and fierce, with an extra dash of confidence.

Her fans seemed to appreciate the post, as it earned over 38,000 likes and hundreds of comments in just 24 hours.

Neekolul modeled for Prada and Danielle Guizio

Neekolul is a successful Twitch streamer, but she also clearly has an eye for fashion, so naturally, big-name brands would want her to model their products.

The streamer posted a lovely look to Instagram to show off her new hair, but she also showed off some key items in the meantime.

She captioned her post, “Neeko 2023 software update ?new hair⚡️new teef :3.” She went on to tag both Prada and Danielle Guizo in the photo.

Neekolul sported two silver hair pins from Prada that were placed on either side of her head. They were triangular shaped, and the placement almost had them appear like luxury cat ears.

Prada is a fashion company that sells a variety of items, including handbags, shoes, fashion accessories, and more.

Neekolul also donned an ensemble from Danielle Guiso. The adorable two-piece set had a plaid pattern in pink, blue, and white, and it complemented the streamer’s figure.

Danielle Guiso is a designer, and her womenswear label is specifically made to honor a woman’s body.

Neekolul’s post earned well over 80,000 likes and was flooded with hundreds of comments.

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