Twitch streamer Neekolul celebrates fun time at Disney

Twitch streamer Neekolul is celebrating a fun time at Disney California and documenting the process for her fans on social media. Pic credit: @neekolul/Instagram

Twitch streamer Neekolul took a trip to the happiest place on earth, and from the looks of it, the location lived up to its name.

Neekolul went to Disneyland in California and took selfies along the way.

Of course, Neekolul didn’t have a commoner experience– she rocked a white ribbon around her neck that displayed her VIP status.

For those out of the loop–Neekolul became a big deal thanks to her Ok Boomer video. The content quickly went viral in 2017, and the gamer capitalized on the fame. Neekolul, real name Nicole Sanchez, pivoted into a gamer career with smashing success.

The Twitch streamer shared some content from her Disneyland excursion on her social media.

She chose her Instagram Stories to reveal her excellent time, posting for her 716k fans and followers on the platform.

And although fans couldn’t publicly like or comment on the shot, it would be fair to assume that a decent proportion of her followers enjoyed the picture.

Neekolul stuns in a low-cut top for Disneyland fun

The stunning gamer looked like she was indeed in her element with a bow in her hair and over-the-top Mickey Mouse ears. Her dark, long locks were tucked behind her decorative ears as the gamer smiled, going into selfie mode.

The gorgeous streamer appeared to channel her inner Snow White with a low-cut white and blue dress featuring a white fur shrug.

She sported her signature rosy cheeky and a smile, with winged liner on top of her lids. She also turned up the sparkle with glittery eyeliner underneath her beautiful eyes.

Behind Neekolul, fans could see a glimpse of Disney California Adventure Park, the location where the gamer enjoyed rides and games.

Pic credit: @neekolul/Instagram

Neekolul is a 100 Thieves content creator

As Neekolul’s Instagram biography reflects, she is a content creator with 100 Thieves.

100 Thieves may sound familiar because the e-sports team has a few very well-known names inside the industry, like number one female streamer Valkyrae and CouRage, who became partial owners in 2021.

Valkyrae and CouRage joined industry mover-and-shakers like Scooter Braun, Drake, and Dan Gilbert for the profitable venture.

Although Neekolul doesn’t have owner status yet, she could as time passes.

For now, Neekolul is killing the game by creating content for the e-sports organization and becoming increasingly popular.

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