Twitch streamer Lea Martinez goes full Star Wars for cheeky Valentine’s Day cards

Lea Martinez close up
Lea Martinez strikes a pose of Stars Wars Valentine’s Day cards. Pic credit: @slayeas/Instagram

Twitch streamer Lea Martinez combined Star Wars and love for her Valentine’s Day cards.

Lea struck multiple poses for the cards, showing her amazing figure and cute fit. The cards read clever Star Wars puns such as “YODA ONE FOR ME” and “I AM LOST WITHOUT CHEW,” along with adorable Star Wars drawings.

The social media star sported a small black skirt that hugged her hips and cropped at the upper thighs. She paired it with a white tank top with lacy straps that tied at the bodice and then split open to show off her midsection.

Lea completed her look with tall white platform boots that went all the way up to just below the knees. They added a certain fashion flair to her look, as well as extra height.

The TikTok star let her shiny brunette locks loose, and they fell in a straight waterfall all the way to her mid-back. Her makeup was lovely with winged liner, glossy lips, and defined brows.

Lea included in her caption, “Join the heart side ;) some Star Wars themed valentines puns.” Her followers seemed keen on joining whatever side she was on, as the post earned over 33,000 in less than 24 hours.

Lea Martinez models for House Of CB and Dolls Kill

Lea’s Star Wars look was a hit, and in a previous post with the same pose from one of the cards, she tagged the clothing line’s that she donned.

The influencer modeled the outfit from House of CB, a luxury womenswear label from Britain. It sells a variety of fashionable pieces like the ones Lea modeled and is known for its versatility.

The brand describes itself as “slow fashion” on account of how much care is put into each piece to ensure that the quality and fit are superb.

Lea also sported the boots from Dolls Kills, a fashion brand specializing in punk rock and glam styles. The brand is currently offering a sitewide discount of up to 60%.

Lea Martinez sends ‘Kirby kisses’

Lea is known for combining gaming culture with charm and good looks, and she did just that with a Kirby-themed Instagram post.

The gamer sat amongst a pile of plushy Kirby stuffed animals of various sizes. She held a smaller one in her hands and puckered her lips in the direction of the toy.

Her makeup was stunning with shimmery eyeshadow, winged liner, and pink lips that perfectly matched Kirby’s aesthetic. She wore lacy undergarments in matching light pink.

She captioned her post, “kirby kisses 😚💗.”

The post went over well with her Kirby-loving followers, as it earned over 70,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

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