Twilight actress Ashley Greene unbuttons pants to show off baby bump

Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene unbuttons her pants and wears only a bra, talks about Twilight, Alice Cullen, and her new business. Pic credit: ©

Ashley Greene is famously known for her role as Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga, a small, future-seeing vampire with a wicked pixie cut.

With the Twilight resurgence of 2021, many fans said that Alice’s pitching skills in the famous baseball scene led to their “gay awakening,” and Ashley totally understands where they’re coming from.

Not only does she understand it, but she’s proving that she’s still attractive and beautiful ten years later and with a baby on the way.

Ashley is expecting her first child with her husband, Paul Khoury. Their September due date is drawing nearer and nearer as summer wages on.

Ashley has been showing off the baby bump that she’s so proud and excited to bear this summer and her latest shoot was no exception.

As Baby Khoury makes their presence known, Ashley showed her baby bump off by opting for several shots without a shirt, going for a bra-only look, and often keeping her pants unbuttoned, likely for comfort along with style.

Ashley Greene talks Twilight while showing baby bump

While her pictures were flawless, Ashley was rather focused on her endeavors, both past and present. One main topic was Twilight now that the 2000s-era films are so widely popular again.

Speaking of Alice Cullen and the “gay awakening” she caused fans, Ashley told InStyle, “[Alice] is such a representation of coloring outside the lines and not living within a specific box and truly being her authentic self. And, of course, I can see the kind of intimate relationship that she has with Bella and where that connection was formed. I will take that title any day.”

Ashley also launched the podcast The Twilight Effect, which occasionally guest stars other actors from the saga and goes into detail about the making of the movies and the general Twilight experience.

She said it’s “really special” that she has been able to reconnect with fans and have “really meaningful conversations” due to the huge impact that Twilight had on so many people.

Ashley is still working to make an impact on people with her current work, primarily through her women’s reproductive company, Hummingway.

Ashley Greene on supporting women’s reproductive health through Hummingway

Ashley started Hummingway with her sister-in-law Olivia Khoury. They sell natural, holistic Cycle Soother patches, which are meant to help relieve menstrual cramps and pain while the brand helps to remove stigmas from menstrual symptoms.

They also focus on education and healthcare access, especially now that the United States has overturned Roe V. Wade.

Ashley explains, “What we can do is educate people on ways to get abortion pills, on where they can go, on extensions, and ways to perhaps track your cycle that doesn’t have to do with an app.”

“[We can] give people at least the options that are still available to them and any kind of insight as to how to avoid that pregnancy that they perhaps are not ready for.”

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