Tristan Thompson stars in Drake’s polygamist music video

Tristan Thompson in Drake's new music video
Tristan Thompson was featured at the start of Drake’s latest music video for his song Falling Back. Pic credit: Drake/YouTube

Before Drake said “I do” to 23 wives in his latest video, he got a pep talk from NBA player Tristan Thompson.

On Thursday, the Hotline Bling rapper uploaded the video for his Falling Back music video, which was the first release from his new Honestly, Nevermind album.

The video started by showing Drake in a black tux and bow tie while he took a deep breath before turning to his best man.

Drake features Tristan Thompson in his wedding day video

“You ready?” Tristan said to Drake at the beginning of the video. “Doesn’t feel right, we scrap it, we go home, it’s done.”

“Nah nah, its good, bro,” Drake replied. “It’s a good time for me. I’m ready to settle down. I’m in love.” After telling Drake he needs to “get him right,” Tristan continued to fix Drake’s bowtie and made sure his beard was groomed.

” You only get married once,” Tristan said, presumably biting off Drake’s “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) motto.

Drake then continued to hand rings to each of his new wives, one by one, all while giving each model an individualized handshake.

Tristan Thompson blasted on The Kardashians Season 1 finale episode

Tristan’s cameo in Drake’s video came just after the season finale of The Kardashians on Thursday, where his ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian learned he had slept with Maralee Nichols while they were working on their relationship.

The episode showed Khloe, as well as other members of the Kardashian family, finding out about Tristan and Maralee’s time together last March – shortly after Khloe had thrown him a 30th birthday party.

Tristan, who shares four-year-old daughter True with Khloe, was being sued by Maralee for child support at the time of filming the show’s finale episode. Tristan admitted to having relations with Maralee, and the two now share their 6-month-old son Theo together.

“I find out what Tristan is doing with the rest of the world,” Khloe said during the episode. “A courtesy would be not doing it. But fine, if you do it, you are not even going to give me a f**king heads up before the rest of the world?”

“It is just an additional slap in my face. It is humiliating. I am embarrassed. I would prefer to be alone than to be around people.”

After a long history of cheating on his shoulders, which also includes his disloyalty to Khloe shortly before their daughter’s birth and his mishap with Jordyn Woods, Tristan’s appearance in Drake’s polygamy music video seemed to rest on quite the hill of irony.

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