Trey Songz accused of violently attacking a woman in an NYC bowling alley

Trey Songz at the Macys Thanksgiving parade
Trey Songz has been accused of being violent towards a woman. Pic credit: © Callahan/ACE Pictures

Trey Songz has been accused of punching a woman in a New York bowling alley  — with a police report filed by his accuser last month.

The complainant, said to be an employee of the bowling alley, alleges that he punched her repeatedly in the face and dragged her by her hair, according to TMZ.

Her complaint claims that the attack took place in a bathroom at the venue.

The woman was reportedly taken to the hospital, with the NYPD said to have described her injuries as visible and minor.

The accuser, whose identity is currently unknown, apparently recognized Trey Songz and identified him by name to the police.

The case is now active, with an investigation ongoing, and the NYPD is reportedly interested in talking to Trey, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, about his side of the story.

Trey’s rep, Mitchell Schuster, said that Trey has been cooperating with the police and believes that once the evidence has been gathered and reviewed, Trey will be exonerated.

“This is another instance where those involved try to blame the celebrity with the hopes of getting fame or riches,” the rep said.

Trey Songz just had civil suit for rape dismissed

Trey was recently sued for rape, but the case was dismissed because it exceeded the statute of limitations. That incident allegedly occurred in 2016.

The complainant in the civil lawsuit claimed that she and Trey had a consensual relationship initially, but in March 2016, he became a “savage rapist.”

Prior to 2019, the statute of limitations in California was three years, and the woman filed the lawsuit six years after the alleged incident. The statute of limitations in California changed to 10 years after 2019.

The woman claimed that Trey violated her while she begged him to stop. She was asking for $20 million in damages.

Keke Palmer’s comments on Trey Songz

In 2017, actress Keke Palmer spoke publicly about an alleged incident with Trey Songz that she said was “sexual intimidation.” The actress said that Trey tricked her into being in a video while at a party, resulting in her hiding in a closet to avoid being filmed.

Keke said that while at the party, Trey wanted her to be in his music video for his song Pick Up the Phone, and she gave him a resounding “No.” She said Trey would not take her response seriously and attempted to give her food and alcohol and use “sexual intimidation” to change her mind.

Keke said her last option was hiding from Trey in a closet. Trey denied all of the allegations Keke made.

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