Track star Desi Johnson braless with Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots

Track star Desi Johnson. @DesiJohnsonn/Instagram
Track star Desi Johnson. @desijohnsonn/Instagram

It looks like Desi Johnson’s career as a track star has worked wonders for her gorgeous physique.

Not everyone can pull off Daisy Dukes the same way Jessica Simpson was able to in the Dukes of Hazzard reboot.

But Desi rocked her Daisy Dukes by pairing them with white cowboy boots.

She shared the fun and flirty look in a series of sizzling Instagram pictures.

The Australian native sponsored by Gymshark has 100k followers on Instagram where she often shares remarkable pictures and videos of her fit body.

Desi’s jaw-dropping Daisy Dukes outfit could be one of her best looks this year.

Desi Johnson is dreamy in Daisy Dukes

Desi’s Daisy Dukes are short enough to show off just how toned her thighs and legs are.

With all the running and training she does as a track star, it makes sense that her legs look so incredibly flawless.

She chose to wear stylish cowboy boots with her outfit, creating somewhat of a flirty western vibe. The pattern printed on the front of the boots added some flair.

Desi’s cowboy boots were bright white instead of black or brown, making them totally stand out in all of her pictures.

Since her cowboy boots were white, she also wore a white corset top. The corset top was built with no straps at all, allowing her the chance to show off her arms, upper chest, and shoulders. The top was also short enough to reveal her impressively flat stomach.

Desi accessorized with bracelets on both hands, two stacked necklaces, earrings, and a pair of thick-rimmed black sunglasses.

Desi Johnson’s beach looks are just as enticing

Desi sure knows how to rock Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots, but she also knows how to wow in a bikini.

During the fall, she spent time at the beach in a baby pink-colored bikini with colorful beads along the connecting string in the middle.

The triangle top paired perfectly well with the thick-strapped bottoms she posed in.

For Desi’s beach day look, she accessorized with two thin necklaces around her neck and a pair of simple sunglasses.

Her tan skin was the star of the show in her Daisy Dukes pictures, and the sun-kissed color of her skin in her beach pics looked just as beautiful.

Her rock-solid abs looked incredible as she comfortably leaned back on her towel in the sand.

It is apparent that she dedicates time and energy to making sure her figure is totally on point at all times.

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