Tracee Ellis Ross stuns in gorgeous yellow dress and matching heels

image of Tracee Ellis Ross on red carpet
Tracee Ellis Ross rocked a yellow dress on her Instagram. Pic credit: ©

Singer and actor Tracee Ellis Ross showed off her yellow dress through a series of photos on her Instagram account. She has been ringing in the New Year with the debut of the eighth and final season of the television sitcom Black-ish.

She has been starring in the series since its debut in 2014 as the main matriarch Rainbow Johnson.

She has gone on to reprise the role in the two spin-offs Grown-ish and Mixed-ish.

Tracee Ellis Ross shows off yellow dress

Fans were in for a treat when Ross hit up her Instagram with nine photos, posing in a gorgeous yellow dress.

She was captured posing in what appears to be a trailer dressing room. Her hair and makeup is styled impeccably as she rocks a natural eye look paired with nude lipstick.

Her bright yellow dress has a square-cute neckline and is form-fitting. She paired off the look with matching shoes. Explaining her choice to upload the multiple images, the actor wrote, “Couldn’t choose.”

Ross opens up about the end of Black-ish

In an article posted to Entertainment Weekly, Ross opened up about bidding her farewells to Black-ish. Talking about her experience taking the role, the 49-year-old wrote, “I was also hesitant about playing a mother. I was not one in real life. I still am not one.”

She continued, “And 10 years ago I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hold on to my identity enough that I would continue to book great roles and not be carted off on the canoe to nowhere as an ‘older mother.'”

However, she was nonetheless grateful that she did. Ross acknowledged that her character, Rainbow, is seen as more than a mother on television. “But I fell in love with the script. We got to see a Black family that was thriving and not just surviving. And I was drawn to this loving relationship between a couple. I had rarely seen that on sitcoms — there wasn’t just constant eye-rolling,” she wrote.

“And Rainbow was a woman who was more than just one thing: She was not just a wife. She was not just a mother. She was also a doctor. She had a real point of view,” Ross added.

Throughout the article, the California-born actor continued to reflect on her Black-ish journey and the relationships she made along the way. Much like something Rainbow would express, Ross felt “honored” to be able to see her young cast members grow up while they were on set together.

She shared, “It was the honor of my life to witness and be a part of these beautiful children growing up before our eyes — these talented individuals who became wonderful young adults while we were on the show.”

The final season of Black-ish is currently premiering on ABC.

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