Tracee Ellis Ross says ‘it’s been a minute’ as she enjoys pool dip

Tracee Ellis Ross.
Tracee Ellis Ross enjoys time in a pool. Pic credit: ©

Tracee Ellis Ross took a moment to re-acclimate herself to the warmer weather now that spring has finally arrived.

The seasoned actress spent some time this Easter long weekend getting ready for the warmer weather by taking her first dip in the pool.

Of course, this isn’t to say it’s Tracee’s first time in a pool, simply that it’s the first “dip” of the year.

And it appears she couldn’t be happier as she sported a colorful bikini and smiled throughout the video share.

Her recent video upload comes hot on the heels of another sizzling, three-part share that found her lounging in the sun while sporting a bathing suit.

So, it seems Tracee is more than ready to embrace the summer season and took some time to reflect on where she’s at in life at the same time.

Tracee Ellis Ross stuns in a bright bikini, and she gets honest about aging while enjoying a dip in the pool

On her Instagram, Tracee shared a video with her 11.2 million followers during the Easter weekend.

In the sunny share, Tracee stepped into the pool with her hair tied back in a low ponytail as she flashed a smile toward the lens and revealed it was her first “dip” of the new season.

“We know what time it is,” she sang toward the camera. “It’s time for the first dip.”

Tracee then went on to explain her ritual of going into the pool with “dirty” hair, as she noted it was the “appropriate” thing to do.

From there, Tracee continued to embrace the water around her as she waded back and forth before striking a fierce pose. However, things took a bit of a sentimental turn when Tracee made her way back toward the camera and stated, “Ouch.”

As it turns out, Tracee’s body functions a bit differently now that she’s 50, and not every change is something she’s found easy to embrace.

“I wake up at 50, hot as ever,” she exclaimed while throwing a sassy face and giggling. “And it’s as if someone beat me up while I was sleeping.”

Despite being 50, Tracee is simply stunning, and her fit physique is enviable at any age.

Tracee promotes The PATTERN Blow Dryer and explains why she wanted it to be user friendly

While Tracee was raised in the limelight of Hollywood, being the daughter of Diana Ross, that hasn’t stopped her from forging her own path forward and creating a name for herself.

One of the ways Tracee has done this is by becoming an entrepreneur on top of her already impressive acting resume.

She did so with the launch of PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross.

According to the brand’s website, “PATTERN focuses on healthy hair & encourages each hair texture to take up as much space as it desires.”

In a post from the end of February, Tracee promoted her new PATTERN Blow Dryer, which aims to help those with “curly, coily & tight-textured hair.”

She noted in the video clip that she made the tool as user-friendly as possible.

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