Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson: A timeline of their relationship

Pamela Anderson at The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 40th Anniversary Gala for the Oceans and Tommy Lee at the LA Premiere of Netflix's 'The Dirt'
Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson: A timeline of their relationship. Pic credit: © and ©

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson have had quite a relationship.

Now, their rocky romance is being showcased on the miniseries, Pam and Tommy.

The show does not take a chronological approach to the telling of their story but rather goes back and forth in time.

Here’s how their real relationship timeline matches up with the show.

New Year’s Eve, 1994: Tommy and Pamela meet

Tommy and Pamela first met at Sanctuary, a Hollywood club, on New Year’s Eve.

Pamela told Movieline magazine: “He came up, grabbed me and licked my face. I thought he was a cool, friendly, nice guy. I gave him my number.”

February 1995: Tommy and Pamela go to Cancun

After talking on the phone, the pair decided to meet up at a hotel. However, Pamela completely forgot about their scheduled date. They talked later that night and Pamela said that she couldn’t meet up anymore because she has to go to Cancun for work.

Despite telling Tommy not to come, he followed her to Cancun.

February 19, 1995: Tommy and Pamela get married

Four days into their trip, Tommy and Pamela got married. They also got each other’s names tattooed on their ring fingers, instead of traditional wedding bands.  

Summer 1995: Tommy and Pamela go on a honeymoon

Tommy and Pamela went to Lake Mead for their honeymoon. It was here that their infamous sex tape was created.

October 1995: Rand Gauthier steals a vault and sex tape

When he returned from Mexico, Tommy fired an electrician, Rand Gauthier, working on his home. Rand decided to get revenge by breaking into Tommy’s home. He stole the couple’s safe, which contained the sex tape. Rand made copies of the tape and sold them.

June 1996: Tommy and Pamela welcome their first child

After suffering a miscarriage, Pamela gave birth to a baby boy in June 1996. Tommy and Pamela named their son Brandon.

December 1997: Tommy and Pamela welcome their second child

Just 18 months after welcoming their first baby, Tommy and Pamela welcomed their second child, Dylan Jagger in December 1997.

February 1998: Tommy and Pamela get into a fight, files for divorce

Things get heated in February 1998. Pamela called the police after Tommy allegedly kicked her backside while she was holding their son Dylan. Anderson filed for divorce a few days later.

In May 1998, Lee was sentenced to six months in jail. He was also ordered to attend counseling, finish 200 hours of community service and donate money to anti-domestic violence resources.

2001: Tommy and Pamela reunite, but call it quits

The duo briefly reunited in 2001 but eventually called it quits.

June 2008: Tommy and Pamela give it another shot

Tommy and Pamela tried to work things out once again in 2008. Tommy told Rolling Stone: “We’ve only given it a try 800 times — 801, here we go. Pamela and the kids have moved in with me. It’s awesome. It’s definitely working. You can see it on the kids’ faces — they’re happy when we’re together.”

August 2015: Pamela and Tommy are still friends

Pamela spoke about Tommy to People in 2015: “There was Tommy and then there was nobody else. He was the love of my life. We had a wild and crazy beginnings that was too much for both of us.”

She added, “We’re good friends…There’s a connection there that will always be.”

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