Tom Brady shirtless in thirst trap video promoting new product

Tom Brady in new Instagram video
Tom Brady posted a new shirtless video to promote his own brand of apparel. Pic credit: @tombrady/Instagram and ©

Tom Brady scored big with his Instagram followers after posting a “thirst trap” video on Thursday.

The former Patriots quarterback, who now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, shared a video promoting his clothing line Brady Brand. In the video, the QB showed off his own brand of training gear by using a quick transitional effect into a different outfit.

Brady started off the video shirtless before wearing his apparel

The promotional video started with Brady wearing only sweat shorts, looking off to someone on the side while saying, “You want me to step on it?” He then proceeded to put his phone on the ground, hover over the phone’s camera, and lift his leg up to “step on” his phone screen.

As Brady lifted his foot off the screen in a “magical” video transition, he suddenly appeared to have on a new piece from his collection – the zero-weight track jacket in light blue.

Brady jokingly finished the video off with – “We broke the screen, bro. Now I gotta get a new phone.”

Watch Brady’s thirst trap clip below:

Attached to the video, the well-known quarterback also posted the direct link to buy the exact jacket he was wearing. The Zero Weight Track Jacket that was seen on Brady himself can be purchased directly on Instagram for $145.

Tom Brady's new jacket collection
Pic credit: @bradybrand/Instagram

Tom Brady’s newest collection with his clothing brand BRADY

The pro football star first announced his clothing line with his followers in September of last year, after working on it for several years alongside founders Jens Grede and Dao-Yi Chow. Brady took to Instagram with a plain photo of the company’s name written in black lettering and the caption, “Run the game, don’t let the game run you. BRADY – my next generation apparel brand is coming soon.”

The brand officially launched in January of this year, when Brady took to Twitter with a personalized video to announce the official start of his clothing available for purchase after three years in the making.

“I’m proud to bring this to all you guys looking for clothing that performs across all of your daily, active lives,” Brady stated. “Every item’s unique, it’s innovative, and it’s got great function and purpose. These are pieces I love, I’ve always wanted ’em, and now they’re finally here and there’s a reason ‘look good play good’ is a cliche, Brady Brand’s gonna make you guys feel your best.”

“This is the beginning. I can’t wait to share what’s next and imma take you guys on this journey with us,” he continued.

After a successful first few months, Brady Brand has now introduced its newest release – the Zero Weight collection. The brand-new collection features training gear that is both lightweight and eliminates any unnecessary bulk. It currently features shorts, joggers, and “second layer” half/full zip track jackets in multiple colors.

Tom Brady's sportswear Instagram page's story
Pic credit: @bradybrand/Instagram

Brady may have started his video off shirtless to grab the attention of his followers, but it’s clear his ultimate goal was to simply promote the new products for his latest passion project, Brady Brand.

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