Tokyo Vanity lights A1 Bentley up after his attempt to fat shame her

Tokyo Vanity on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Tokyo Vanity may have taken the first swipe but she will end A1. Pic credit: VH1

At this point, Love & Hip Hop fans already know not to come for Tokyo Vanity unless you want her to take a swipe back. Her latest feud with A1 Bentley is in full force after she made a comment on a Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood video featuring the controversial star, but when he swung back at Tokyo with a fat-shaming comment, he probably didn’t expect all of this.

It all started with a Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood promo for the upcoming season that debuts tonight. In it, A1 was talking about viewers who think the show is fake. That seems to be a theme for Love & Hip Hop promotions lately.

Anyway, in the video, A1 was looking especially eccentric and Tokyo Vanity took notice. In the comments, she wrote, “Boy wdf” followed by a couple of emojis including a laughing/crying face.

A1 Bentley saw the comment and promptly responded to Tokyo Vanity, writing, “Fatty Labelle chill out.” And that comment amounted to telling an angry girlfriend to calm down because Tokyo did quite the opposite of chill out.

Instead, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star took the new feud to her own Instagram page where she reposted a screenshot of her comment and A1’s response with a lengthy rant.

“Now A1 if you don’t get yo RICK James dresses ass on …,” Tokyo Vanity wrote. “You must have hit a bad bag of that Dope with yo broke TY DOLLA $ LOOKIN A**. B***h I ain’t even cut up on you in the comments and yo Aretha franklin lookin ass come on here trying to go hard.”

“B***h on here lookin like a divorced auntie but talmbout me . Wash yo hands b4 you go in my pot dressed ass?… boy you shaped like a melted snickers but on here talmbout me . All that fake ass jewelry on yo skin gonna turn the same color as that cheap ass jacket swifter duster lookin a** @a1bentley and b***h you had lipo bye queen.”

As if that wasn’t enough, a few of Tokyo’s friends were even cheering her on in the comments.

Supa Cent responded with a string of laugh/crying emojis and Sierra Gates’ post had a few of those emojis too but read, “Take his a** out sis.”

Sy Ari Da Kid also weighed in, writing, “Lol oh man put duke in the fryin pan.”

Clearly, no one is here for A1’s fat joke and many are siding with Tokyo Vanity after she dragged him to filth on her own Instagram page.

So far, A1 Bentley hasn’t responded to Tokyo Vanity on her own Instagram and he doesn’t seem to be taking any more shots at her… at least not yet.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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