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TikToker Jenny Parrish goes viral after naked wine glass reflection blunder

TikToker Jenny Parrish.
TikToker Jenny Parrish unintentionally posted an NSFW photo on social media. Pic credit: @Jenny/TikTok

TikToker Jenny Parrish unintentionally posted an NSFW photo to her Instagram page.

Parrish, a newlywed from Florida, shared a photo of a wine glass that she took during her recent honeymoon on her Instagram page. She did not notice that the glass bore a reflection of her unclothed.

She took down the photo only after a friend messaged her about the blunder.

Parrish talked about her embarrassing experience on TikTok

Jenny uploaded a video to her TikTok page on Sunday (March 21) in which she shared her embarrassing mistake with her TikTok followers.

In the video (see below) which went viral on TikTok, Parrish explained, while pouring and drinking wine from a glass, that she “accidentally” posted the picture of a wine glass on her Instagram. She did not notice that the wine glass had a reflection of her in the buff.

Parish, who currently has nearly 9000 followers on TikTok, claimed that more than 74 people saw the NSFW photo, including her mother-in-law.

She did not notice her mistake until someone messaged her.

“A girl messaged me, and was like… I don’t know if you care but you can see yourself in the reflection of your wine glass… and I was like I care so much,” she said laughing. “I literally care so much, thank you.”

Parrish’s video has received 1.5 million views on TikTok, more than 260,000 likes, and 1,400 comments.

Parrish asked her husband what he thought about the blunder

She also shared a video of her asking her husband what he thought about her blunder.

“What are your thoughts about me accidentally posting the photo,” she asked as she burst into laughter.


Reply to @kelligabrielle straight from him?

♬ original sound – jenny✨

Her husband, who was checking his phone, did not appear as amused about the incident as she was. He answered Parrish, saying that the blunder “fits your personality.”

She wanted to know what her husband meant by saying that the blunder “fits” her personality.

“Fine and clumsy,” he said.

The video of Parrish questioning her husband has received nearly 180,000 viewers and nearly 8,000 likes.

The latest news comes after the bizarre viral incident involving TikToker Tessica Brown.

Brown took to social media back in February to explain that she put Gorilla Spray Adhesive in her hair to keep the styling in place and later found that she could not wash it out.

After trying several remedies suggested by social media users, Brown checked herself into ER, but the health workers at the hospital were unable to wash out the glue from her hair.

Dr. Michael Obeng, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, eventually came to her rescue. He washed the glue out of her hair in a four-hour procedure.

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