TikTok star Lea Martinez slays in skintight D.Va suit and platform boots for TwitchCon

Lea Martinez gazes into camera.
TikTok star Lea Martinez is stunning in a skintight D.Va suit for TwitchCon. Pic credit: @slayeas/Instagram

TikTok star Lea Martinez slayed in a colorful, skintight suit and platform boots for TwitchCon.

The skintight suit fit Lea’s body perfectly and showed her amazing figure and curves. It was colorful and mostly featured purple, but also thick lines of hot pink, patches of black and white, and more, just like the suit of Overwatch’s D.Va.

Lea paired the body suit with tall, sleek white platform boots nearly reaching her knees. The boots accentuated the online creator’s height and long legs.

The internet sensation accessorized with a headpiece that featured black, gray, bright yellow, pink, and red. She held D.Va’s cosplay gun, which was hot pink and gave the outfit an extra edge.

Lea wore her long brown hair down, with bangs over her eyebrows. Her makeup included winged liner and red marks on her cheeks, like D.Va’s character.

The Twitch streamer posed on some stairs with her back to the camera and looked over her shoulder. Her overall look was powerful and perfectly matched D.Va.

Lea posted her cosplay outfit to Instagram on Monday and included in her caption, “Last day of twitchcon so here is some DVA content from last week!! This has easily been one of the most fun weekends of my life. I’ve made so many amazing memories and have met so many incredible people.”

The post earned over 73,000 likes and well over 100 comments.

Lea Martinez cosplayed at the beach

Lea also cosplayed as Katara in the fire nation from Avatar: The Last Airbender. She posed in the beautiful 2-piece red outfit on giant rocks with the ocean in the background.

Lea included in her caption, “spent the day bending at the beach!! alta is such a comfort happy fandom to be apart of. I would love to cosplay more of Kataras looks!! (Especially painted lady) special s/o to @leiaaurora for making this beautiful custom skirt for me.”

The TikTok star went on to say that after she was “blasted” by a wave, she played in the ocean.

Lea Martinez misses lightsaber content

Lea cosplayed with lightsabers and told her fans in her caption that she misses it and hopes to slowly get back into it.

The internet star wrote about why she loved the photo and said, “I love that this photo shows how the light side is stronger (remains in-front of me like guidance) but the dark side will always follow and creep behind… or maybe that’s just how I see it lol. Anyways Andor comes out next week and I am so so excited!!”

The post earned over 82,000 likes.

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