Tiffani Thiessen stuns in pink heels for ‘ladies night’

Tiffani Thiessen on the red carpet.
Tiffani Thiessen was ready to let loose. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Tiffani Thiessen was ready for her “Ladies night.”

The Saved By the Bell beauty looked stunning as she showed off her gorgeous legs and her foot that was slid into a glittery pink heel.

Her outfit wasn’t visible due to her pose and black dress coat.

Tiffani kept her makeup light, with minimal eyeshadow visible and her eyes lined. She wasn’t overly done but put together nicely.

Her manicured nails were visible as her fingers were wrapped around her heel. Tiffani appeared in the kitchen, where she went nude a few months back for a kid-free night.

She shared the photo with her 1.8 million followers, writing, “Ladies night đź’–”

Steal The Style

Go pink for ladies night like Tiffani

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Tiffani Thiessen shares her life

Even though Tiffani Thiessen is best known for her television roles, the part she takes most seriously is the role of mom.

She is constantly sharing new recipes and things she does with her son and daughter. A lot has changed since her days on Saved on the Bell, so it’s a big deal when she gets dressed up for a night on the town.

Her feed is typically filled with delicious-looking recipes, family photos, and even throwback photos of when Tiffani was a little girl.

Tiffani Thiessen credits exercising for helping her sleep

As busy as Tiffani Thiessen is with home, family, and Deliciousness, she still manages to get her exercise in.

Speaking with SELF, Tiffani said, “Exercise helps everything, and it 100% impacts my sleep. If I don’t get my normal exercise in, I see a huge difference in how my body feels later that night—it makes it hard to fall asleep, and I’ve found it messes with the quality of my sleep as well.”

Living in California has allowed her to get plenty of hiking in to keep up with her exercise routines. But like many people, Tiffani revealed that she needs to switch things up because she doesn’t like doing the same thing all the time. And whatever she’s doing seems to be working well for her.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Tiffani used to use her Peloton a lot. These days, though, she prefers going to a private gym. She said she missed the connection with people, and since the world has mostly opened up, she hasn’t done much with the bike.

Sleep and exercise go hand in hand for Tiffani Thiessen. She told the publication, “I need a good seven or eight hours of sleep. That’s like my hotspot. I can function on six, but with seven or eight, I feel like I can really power through the next day.”

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