Tia Mowry shares her Valentine’s Day flex with a Miley Cyrus dance

Tia Mowry close up
Tia Mowry came in hot with Valentine’s Day love. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Tia Mowry stole the show in a jaw-dropping black ensemble while sharing her hot take on Valentine’s Day, and spoiler alert: it’s all about self-love, baby!

The 44-year-old Hollywood actress moved and grooved down her hallway to the iconic tune of Flowers by Miley Cyrus, wearing a revealing black leotard with strappy stilettos and an open jacket. 

Tia’s confident energy was contagious as she showed off her gorgeously sculpted physique from all angles.

She then kept the party going outside, dancing in the sunlight with her ultra-long tresses cascading down her back.

All about spreading the feel-good vibes, Tia even treated herself to fresh strawberries and wine by the pool.

She wrote, “POV: just being and loving yourself is the flex,” and captioned the share, “Happy freaking Valentine’s Day!”


Happy freaking Valentine’s Day!

♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Tia Mowry sizzled in purple loungewear to share weekend plans

Tia is one of the most relatable human beings on the internet, and she perfectly demonstrated this point in a post shared earlier this week.

The Sister, Sister star started the video in a short, galaxy-printed dress before quickly changing into a cozy lavender knit set and hopping into bed. 

She looked fabulous with oversized hoop earrings, perfectly-applied makeup, and a sleek braided ponytail.

Contrary to the bustling social lives seen by many on Instagram, Tia shamelessly shared her plans to stay in and rest for the weekend. Now that’s self-care at its very finest!

She joked in the caption, “Can you tell I’m a Cancer? ♋️ Y’all I’m staying IN this weekend!”

Tia Mowry shared the “perfect cozy” winter recipe for Lactaid partnership

From cozy weekends to cozy recipes, Tia took to social media with something very exciting for her dairy-free fans, but after watching, it’s safe to say the post spoke to just about everyone.

Using just one pot, the brown-eyed mother of two “cooked up the most perfect cozy winter dish” using Lactaid Milk, a lactose-free 100% real dairy milk alternative.

Tia partnered with Lactaid after facing her own struggles with stomach discomfort, and now she’s proud to share the good word and help others manage their sensitivities. 

While there are plenty of other milk alternatives on the market, Tia favors Lactaid because it offers “the texture and delicious taste of real milk.”

Of course, she shared the entire potato-based soup recipe in the caption, encouraging her followers to share their favorite winter soups alongside the hashtag #NoDairyScaries. 

Beyond her magnetic sense of humor, Tia is well-known (and loved!) for always keeping it real on social media.

Most notably, she’s open to discussing anything from motherhood and weight loss to marriage and self-care. Tia even shared how she found happiness in her post-partum body.

Following the birth of her second child, she posted a workout photo, writing, “Got it in! Working on my #core Let’s talk about the #mid-section after #pregnancy! It can be the most challenging! But I’m having fun with it! I’m not being too hard on my self. I’m embracing the excess skin and stretch marks. Two amazing beautiful children were birthed and I rejoice :) 🙏🏽.”

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