Thylane Blondeau sends thanks to Miu Miu

Thylane Blondeau.
Thylane Blondeau was stunning in a recent social media share. Pic credit: @thylaneblondeau/Instagram

Thylane Blondeau was stunning as she took a moment to thank fashion giant Miu Miu in a recent social media share.

The gorgeous brunette is no stranger to the world of haute couture.

She began modeling as a child, and in 2007 she was dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Over the years, Thylane has continued to grow her modeling resume as she’s posed for several large brands, including Diesel and Dolce & Gabanna.

With so many impressive brand campaigns and collaborations under her belt, Thylane is a regular fixture at fashion shows and never ceases to amaze with her bold fashion choices.

Thylane recently took to Instagram to share serious love with Miu Miu while sporting an ensemble featuring their striking pieces.

Thylane Blondeau sizzles in an all-black ensemble and sends thanks to Miu Miu

Over on her Instagram, Thylane shared a carousel post of four striking images as she modeled an all-black look featuring pieces by Miu Miu.

The first shot found Thylane posing for the camera sharing her outfit from mid-thigh up.

Her porcelain skin was the perfect complement to the monochromatic look. Thylane wore a long-sleeved black mock-turtleneck top. The ribbed material helped the garment hug Thylane’s curves.

Adding dimension to the outfit, a black blazer was slung over one of Thylane’s shoulders.

And while the top half of her ensemble was gorgeous, it was Thylane’s Miu Miu belt which she styled as a micro-skirt, that stole the spotlight.

The tiny black number wrapped around Thylane’s hips and ended just past the top of her thighs.

Thylane’s long brunette locks were styled in waves, with twists used to pull the hair away from her face while the remainder fell down each of her shoulders and over her chest.

The following shots showed Thylane in various locations, two pics included the 21-year-old out on the street, where followers were better able to take in the intricate details of the belt and see her sharp-looking black loafers.

Another picture found Thylane sitting to the side of Miu Miu’s runway as she appeared ready to take in all the latest garments the brand had to offer.

Thylane promotes APM Monaco with stunning black and white snaps

Thylane’s modeling star may be on the rise, but she’s also finding massive success on social media.

Currently, Thylane boasts an impressive 6.5 million followers on Instagram. And with her continued modeling work, she has the opportunity to partner with and model for brands both on and off the runway.

In a September 2022 post, Thylane shared two shots of herself as she stepped out to the street to snap pictures for jewelry brand APM Monaco.

According to the company’s official Instagram page, APM Monaco is a “Fashion Silver Jewelry brand from Monaco” that has been in operation since 1982.

While Thylane has been known to share pictures from her various campaigns with the company, APM Monaco also enjoys sharing the very best shots on its Instagram.

In a post from just last month, APM Monaco gave their 1.2 million followers a glimpse at their newest line of jewelry being modeled by Thylane.

“NEW IN Elegance can be achieved through the smallest details that add just the perfect tone to your look 🤍,” the brand wrote in the post’s caption.

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