The Walking Dead actress arrested for assault: Who is Vanessa Cloke?

Vanessa Cloke Carpet
Vanessa Cloke joined The Walking Dead cast as Anna. Pic credit:

Actress Vanessa Cloke, who appeared on four episodes of The Walking Dead, was reportedly booked for misdemeanor assault and battery.

Cloke is said to have “went ballistic” as her ex was gathering up his stuff from their apartment. It reportedly led to the police getting called in an effort to keep the peace as her ex gathered up his belongings and moved out.

TMZ went on to report that while on the scene, the police witnessed Cloke striking someone. That is allegedly why she ended up being arrested and removed from the property.

Video of the incident was obtained and was shared showing Vanessa Cloke’s arrest. That video can be viewed below and will help paint the picture of why Cloke was taken into custody.

An update to the original Vanessa Cloke arrest report cleared up the reason that she was taken into custody and it didn’t have to do with the ex-boyfriend moving out. Instead, it turns out that Cloke struck another woman who was on the scene.

A woman that was recording the video can be heard calling Cloke a “drama queen” and that is when Cloke allegedly stormed out of her apartment and struck her.

TMZ went on to report that, “She [Cloke] allegedly grabbed the woman’s phone and threw it off the staircase onto a parked car below, causing damage.”

Cloke has since responded, telling TMZ, “Can you imagine what it takes to provoke a person to this point? (To person who took the video) ‘Tis the season for exploiting and demeaning another human being without the full story.”

Vanessa Cloke on The Walking Dead

Vanessa Cloke appeared as the character of Anna during four episodes of The Walking Dead. Her first appearance came during Season 6, Episode 5. The episode was called Now and it dealt with the Alexandrians trying to clean up following the invasion of the Wolves.

Cloke also appeared in the Season 6 episodes called No Way Out and Not Tomorrow Yet, before appearing in Service during Season 7.

During her time on the show, she was basically a townsperson at the Safe-Zone. She is shown at the gate, during a speech that Gabriel makes, and later during a speech by Rick. While others are dealing with zombies during the episode titled No Way Out, Anna takes care of Judith.

Anna ends up becoming one of the victims during the grenade attack by the Saviors.

The Walking Dead will return with new Sunday night episodes in February on AMC.

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