The odd reason Machine Gun Kelly wants BTS to perform at his wedding when he marries Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly on Ellen
Machine Gun Kelly Tells Ellen he would have BTS perform at his wedding and discusses his past house being haunted. Pic credit: TheEllenShow/YouTube

Machine Gun Kelley and Megan Fox announced their engagement in January and now it’s time to start planning for the wedding itself.

Although MGK, born Colson Baker, has previously said that they’re having a hard time finding a location that suits the aesthetic he’s looking for, he gave some more details to Ellen Degeneres — including what boy band he wants to perform at his wedding. 

On Ellen’s Burning Questions segment, she asked the musician what boy band he would want at his wedding. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but he did make a decision. 

He answered, “Which boyband am I gonna know the most songs of? For sure NSYNC. But which band do I surprisingly know all these facts about? BTS.”

Machine Gun Kelly discusses choosing BTS over NSYNC for his wedding

Apparently, MGK met the boy band at the Billboard Awards

He told Ellen, “I met them at the Billboard Awards, they were, like, stoked to meet me. I think I have a better chance of getting BTS to come.”

The revelation may be surprising to some, as MGK doesn’t seem like the type to enjoy a Korean Pop boy band, but the group apparently loves MGK. 

A potential BTS performance at Megan and MGK‘s wedding isn’t the only thing that the musician discussed while on air with Ellen.

Machine Gun Kelly recounts supernatural experiences before he and Megan Fox moved

During their interview, MGK told Ellen about some supernatural occurrences he and Megan experienced while living in their previous home. 

Apparently, their masseuse would see a “dark shadowy figure” at one of their tables every time she would come to perform massages at the house. 

He recounted other times where Megan Fox was spooked by the occurrences in the house, such as one time when she called him home before the “bedroom door just kicked open.”

He was present for at least one event. The musician said they were at home in bed and their bedroom door “just kicked open.” From that point, he knew they had to leave the house. 

However, it wasn’t all spooks and scares in their old home. He admitted that the same masseuse embarrassed him in front of Megan once.

He said, “She’s massaging my stomach and Megan’s watching a movie next to me and she’s like, ‘You have a lot of gas in your stomach.’ And I’m like, my wife is right there, no no no.”

As funny as the embarrassing moment might be now, people were quick to notice that he called Megan his wife rather than his fiancée. There was another incident where Megan was introduced as his wife which sparked rumors they had secretly eloped, and this is only fueling the flames. 

Perhaps MGK was only thinking of the future when he called Megan his wife, but for now, we’ll have to wait and see when the wedding happens, and if BTS will show up. 

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