The Hills: New Beginnings — Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby hooking up

Audrina Patridge
Audrina Patridge. Pic credit: YouTube/MTV.

Audrina Patridge, star of The Hills, and now The Hills: New Beginnings may have a new man in her life. Well, a new-old man?

In last night’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, she revealed that after her painful split from Corey Bohan, Justin Bobby Brescia was there to comfort here. Evidently, the two have been hooking up since her split from Corey, which is kind of wild.

Fans of the show will know that Justin “Bobby” and Audrina have a history together and they briefly dated during the show’s original run when Audrina was still in her early 20s.

Now in her mid-30s and divorced, Justin Bobby (aka Combat Boots on the Beach) is back for another slice of the Audrina pie.

It’s impossible to say where the relationship will go, if the two are even hooking up organically, or if they were brought back together because of the show.

Either way, it seems they’re making up for any lost time and Audrina is “following her heart.”

It’s hard to say how their relationship will play out over this new season of The Hills, but fans of the original show are, no doubt, happy to have the crew back on their screen.

Watch The Hills: New Beginnings on Mondays at 10pm/9c on MTV.

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